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Here Comes The Sun - Region 720…Again
2005 02 07

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

The world seems to have awakened from the slumbering awareness of solar activity and its powerful influence. It has been a long and sometimes lonely road, but well worth every single effort along the way. One by one the scientific community has inched their way into the acknowledgement of a tight fitting symbiotic relationship between solar flux and its immediate effects on Earth.

First Some Background
We have come quite the distance from the accepted Sun-Earth connection related to “climate”, to the current embracing as it relates to “weather”. There is little argument as to the Sun’s effect on long range cycles and influence as it relates to “climate”. Climate is measured in decades, centuries, and millennia; whereas “weather” is measured in hours, days, and weeks. In the month of February 2004, the American Meteorological Society had former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe as their guest speaker. This was the first sign of what was to unfold. The undeniable relationship between space (Sun) and our "weather".

The American Meteorological Society is the nation’s premier scientific society for those involved in the atmospheric and related sciences. The six day symposium was focused on the orientation of local meteorologist as to how to read space weather (solar activity) and implement into their weather forecast. NOAA Space Environment Center director Ernie Hildner, facilitated discussion panels related to space weather and its ef! fects on Earth.

My research for "Solar Rain" and as related to my published “Equation” stopped at the Sun as to the cause of our “freak record breaking weather”. More recently researchers have introduced possible theories as to what causes the Sun’s solar cycles. Glennys Farrar, a physicist at New York University, New York City, has used a new analysis technique to identify ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs). This could in fact be the very substance, or energy field that drives the cycles of the Sun. Full Article

UHECR’s appear to be mostly protons and atomic nuclei. Magnetic fields - with an unknown source which accelerate the particles to almost the speed of light. This makes UHECRs so energetic that some astronomers doubt that even the most extreme cosmic events, such as the explosive birth of a black hole, could account for their power.

Professor Farrar says the underlying source of the cosmic rays could be a long-lived process - such as a super-massive black hole slurping up surrounding matter - or magnetic shocks produced by the colliding galaxy clusters. Or it could be produced by a sudden, cataclysmic event like such as an explosion of matter and energy that signals the birth of some black holes, giving off a gamma-ray burst.

Sunspots -> Solar Flares (CME’s) -> Magnetic Field Shift -> Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents -> Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

Solar activity and its effects on our weather, also has an effect on all living things. The major influence of solar storms is charged particles and its interaction with magnetic fields. In the case of “weather”, it is when charged particles are emitted from the Sun in the way of solar flares and CME’s (coronal mass ejections) hits our magnetic field causing the field to shift. In the case of “animals and humans”, this same source of charged particles have an influence on us. A New ‘University of College London’ study demonstrates magnetic effect on humans. The UCL team has been studying methods to improve a technique called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). They\'re currently exploring the use of their adapted ver! sion of TMS as a possible treatment for Parkinson\'s disease or stroke; as published in the Jan. 20th issue of Neuron.

In this study, the researchers outline how they found ways to improve TMS so that only a brief period of stimulation produces effects on the brain that last for an hour or more. Longer-lasting effects may enable TMS to be used to modify brain activity in order to treat a wide range of brain problems, ranging from depression to brain damage.

TMS involves the use of a magnetic coil that\'s held outside the skull. This coil, which can be moved over different parts of the head, creates magnetic fields that induce tiny electrical currents inside the brain. These electrical currents alter the activity of neural pathways, stimulating or inhibiting activity in different areas of the brain.

So to answer your question: “Do solar flares and cme’s have an effect on humans/animals as well as Earth’s weather?” Answer: YES Full Article

Current Solar Activity
Sunspot region 720 which unleashed a series of M-Class and X-Class flares three weeks ago, is just about to come around the eastern limb of the Sun. This should occur late tonight or tomorrow. There are some in the space weather field who are rather pensive of what could occur over the next week. If region 720 maintained its strength, or worse yet strengthened, we could be in for some very nasty and dangerous solar storms.

The risk include power grid outages, knocking out satellites, wicked freak weather, and newly supportive research telling of human disturbance in the way of moods, and various stimulus affects on senses.

I first reported on sunspot 720 on January 14th telling of the Sun’s sudden escalation of solar activity. Followed by a series of articles titled “Something Wicked Cometh Our Way”

January 14th Part I:

January 15th Part II:

January 17th Part III:

Already, sunspot region 720 has shown some very power explosions while on the back side of the Sun yet big enough to be picked up by SOHO. I’m sure this did not ease the tension of those who are following solar events. Remember: We are years past NASA’s predicted “cycle 23” maximum. In fact, we are suppose to be in this cycles “minimum”. This could only mean one thing. We are not in a typical 11 year cycle. We are witness to a “mega cycle”. Probably measured in hundreds if not thousands of years in cycle. Maybe we have not seen this before, but empirical paleo-sciences clearly show the Earth has seen this many times before.

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