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Decency Lost
2005 01 19

Posted By Victor Renfro | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

basic common human decency and respect is lost
this is what the mind control is all about
make everyone an island unto themselves
no one needs each other to survive anymore

just the gov and walmart
the end game of capitalism is one company controlling everything right?
what else could it be?
the all powerful corpo-state
that is how monopoly ends.

feeling bad about the hate is worse than the hate
we are the beginning of the new; they are the remnants of the old
sometimes my absence startles me

i am sick of not being able to speak my mind or be who i am to others
even the simplest statement can draw attention
i hear peoples convos and think, man if i said what i know about this subject
i would spend the next hour explaining why i think that
we have to be strong enough to be alone and stand strong
spend an hour creating a bridge to say 1 small thing
i know the routine too well

if you want to talk to me cool, if not i dont give a flying ****
i remember what it was like not being able to just sit and keep to yourself
it is a blessing to be at rest
wait patiently and see if someone says something approx. the truth, then jump in and support

have you noticed that they said holiday sales were great
and now they are saying exactly the opposite?
they lie all the time now
lie is the rule
convince the public
contradiction after contradiction
we have finally reached that point where every last dollar americans make
is already earmarked for something,
bills, gas
or what little there is is reserved for ALCOHOL OR DRUGS
holiday songs are now corporate jingles

what a ****ing shill and pussy michael moore turned out to be
did more to hurt the cause than anyone

the chinese have no santa claus
they work for a living
who needs claus when you got zemin ?
imagine if the regular people of china - the working class - had all the information and communication we have
they truly would be a hive

multiculturalism is a way to reduce all people to nothing
no race or cultural heritage
replace meaning with superficiality
it is lies that destroy our experience

heterogeneity comes from being individuals with different manifestations
flowing from the source
the source is the true unity

it is actually becoming difficult for me to lie on any level anymore
which means you can't operate in society
i would rather say the truth and take my just deserts, arid and dry, than to have to live with the lie

regular americans should be pissing in their collective pants if the russia-china-india military axis comes to the fore
you cant stop 1+ billion from invading your country

technology is useless
unless you have a meatgrinder
huge turbines on both borders
running constantly
not just a wall
but full of teeth

first we repair the internal infrastructure of the mind then the environment
deconstruct reconstruct infrastruct
because when the shift happens there will be a lot of confused assholes
who always thought they had the answers

just get the peeps behind you and you cant lose
thats how you do it
tell the truth
people will recognize in the hearts
some will want to kill
but others will love

it is true the elite view the masses as labor livestock
human commodity
that is exactly the reptilian thinking
worker drones
et's phoning home
to get command and control orders from the mother ship

2nd term Bush is different looking....
maybe a clone or stand in?
maybe the real W couldn’t take the pressure anymore

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