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X-Class Flare Rips from Sun; 7.1 Earthquake Hits Fiji
2004 07 15
By Mitch Battros - ECTV

Usually I would not try to make a connection, and at this point, there is very little evidence which would support any such ‘cause – effect’ correlation. However, it just so happened while “live” on Tuesday’s ECTV “Radio Hour” during my interview with Jim Berkland, I announced ‘real time’ reports on-the-air as they were unfolding. At this very time, I made one of my very rare predictions. I gave a 50/50 chance an X-Class flare would occur within the next 48 to 72 hours. I based this on the unusual geomagnetic readings I was monitoring while on air.

Now this is when it gets even more interesting. No sooner did I make my prediction in the second half of the show, my guest Jim Berkland, geologist made a very uncharacteristic statement of his own. Jim said to us all “If Mitch’s prediction comes true, then I am predicting right now that there will be a 7.0 earthquake along the ring of fire within 48 hours of the solar event”.

Hear if for yourself. Go to our “recent audio files” page to access this surprising and telling interview.

NOTE: I will be on vacation from July 16 to July 25th. You will continue to receive the world’s number one rated breaking news service in earth science and space weather. However, I do not have “live” guest scheduled during the week of July 19th. (figures action would start popping the very time I am suppose to relax). But have no fear…ECTV will not skip a beat. Check our website several times a day to get the latest update on issues that affect us all.

Watch for our upcoming list of guest that takes us into August and through the year!

Mitch Battros
Producer – Earth Changes TV

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