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Record Numbers Of Meteors, UFO Swarm WA Skies
2004 06 20

Greetings, Seattle Meteor Fans!

Tonight, Saturday, is one for the record books. The new summer sky had scarcely darkened when a show of unprecedented magnitude began!

I've seen lots of meteors over the years. I'm no stranger to UFO's either. After all, I live in a fertile corner of one of the hottest UFO spots in the world!

The Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, Yakima Valley, triangle has produced some of the most spectacular UFO sightings ever recorded.

So, I don't get too excited over this kind of stuff any more.

fairly common place, really: ...

But nothing in the past could have even remotely prepared me for what I, and a small group of friends, were fortunate enough to bear witness to this evening!


It began with a rapid fire overture of meteors. One after another, they blazed and burned with increasing fury across the sky. From out of the southern heavens, a rain of rocks from distant worlds hurtled down to a Viking's funeral above the earth.

One, two, sometimes even as many as five meteors a minuet, provided a ceaseless pyrotechnic display.

Not too bad for a night when no official meteor storm was on the program!

And then...."IT" happened.

As chance would have it, we were all looking at the same spot of sky, when a bright blue-white flash of light stunned us all.

Before anyone could even say: "WHAT was THAT?," from out of the flash emerged a bright, glowing, white, luminescent, object.

My readers will recall that I have reported on these object before. This is the form that UFO's commonly take in these parts.

The object quickly sped off across the firmament and behind it came more! One after the other, we counted the emerging and brilliantly white objects as they dispersed in all directions across a night sky illuminated by a continuing backdrop of fiery rocks from the stars.

In all, my group counted 25 UFO's in the space of 10 minutes.

They crossed the sky in a leisurely fashion, and each seemed to have a singular destination. An impressive moment was beheld when several of the objects moved out in formation, but they soon vectored to different directions, some of them even crossing over each other in the mix.

Tonight, June 20, 2004, was a record setter here in the UFO capital of the Northwest. My friends, we have visitors. We have LOTS of visitors. I don't know where they are, or what they may look like, but...They are here. And... wager, they are here for a purpose.


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