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Typhoon Meari Toll: 10,000 Flee Home, 22 Dead In Japan
2004 10 02

Tokyo - The death toll from tropical storm Meari's path of destruction across Japan rose to 22 on Friday after search teams found three more victims, including a 70-year-old farmer, police said.

Meari caused floods, triggered deadly landslides and forced about 10,000 people to flee their homes for shelters. Five people were missing and at least 80 others were injured.

By late Thursday, the tempest, downgraded from typhoon status, had moved east out to the Pacific Ocean, the Meteorological Agency said.

Three more deaths were confirmed Friday, adding to the prior death toll of 19. One of the three was a 70-year-old woman, whose body was spotted by a fishing boat off the Pacific coast of Mie prefecture, the National Police Agency said.

In Tottori city, about 500 kilometres southwest of Tokyo, the body of a 63-year-old man turned up in a nearby river. A third body was found buried in mud from a landslide in Matsuzaka, about 300 kilometres southwest of Tokyo.

Earlier this month, typhoon Songda killed at least 32 people and injured more than 900 as it hammered Japan's western coast. Meari was a record seventh typhoon this year, exceeding the past record of six in 1990.

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