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Venus To Trek Across Sun's Face
2004 05 30

Editors Note: This transit of Venus brings Love, Light, Awareness and the Introduction of the new Golden Age And the Fall of the Old World. Planet Earth and her Human Societies renewed. Do not be alarmed when the systems around you come crashing down, all is in order.

For Maximum effect of the tranist and "absorbation" of the "Light from Venus", stay clean of Poisons and Toxines: No Caffine, No Sugar, No Salt, No Alcohol, No Animals, No Narcotics, No Tobacco, No Medications, Lots of Love and positive energy. Fruit and clean Water is all you need.

An interesting companion article to the scientific explanation of the Venus transit can be found in the June 2004 Shift Report. He explains the spiritual and esoteric meaning of this event that will occur again in exactly eight years minus two days, in June 2012. "At this point (June 2004) Goddess Light enters into the picture and causes a shift of the emotional energy from the Moon to Venus. This shift creates a most beautiful awareness because it is at that point that this light becomes the strength...It has to do with the energies as they intersperse and let themselves be realigned. And on the tenth day, at that exit point, everything falls back into its regular order. But by the time that can happen, every human being on Earth will have been affected by light on a new level, just as has happened every time this Venus alignment has taken place."



As we open into this new time in this beautiful month of June, on the sixth day the connection begins, on the eighth day it hits its crescendo, its apex, and on the tenth day it wanes. But in that period of time, my friends, you must be so relatively aware that all of the experiences that are about to take place will receive that special surge, that awakening of Goddess energy.

Examples of this awakening have been already spoken of, not just by my own energy but by energies long past. In my prophecy for this year, I spoke that this would be the year where soul speak would begin its highest journey—soul speak being that beautiful, non-verbal, non-physical communication between your human consciousness and your higher self consciousness, between you and the unseen forces of light. And let me say this, in boldness, if you will: every one of you that has even thought about being a channel, a medium—this is the year, my friends, this is the year.

What is this channel of which we speak? Is it not the simplicity of opening up your thought system that you have held so tightly and compactly to you? Is it not opening it up to the other realms? Well, that’s just a beginning, my friends, just a beginning. As you open up into this time, you will begin to see people communicate throughout the world without telephone, without telegraph, without tele-computer—without tele-anything—because you will begin to use the telephonics of your own vibration.

Not only that, my friends, but the veils 4 begin, on this particular day, to diminish. Many of you around the world are feeling your physical body going through gyrations of energy. You’re feeling your mental capacitors being pushed to the limit. You’re feeling your emotions surge through your system. And, yes, the spiritual energy is awake and vibrant on your plane now. Yet this is but a precursor to the whole, the beauty of an Earth unfolding.


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