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Swarm of Quakes Hit Central California
2004 09 18

By Mitch Battros - ECTV

An unusual sequence of quakes occurred earlier today. Although it does occur from time to time, it is unusual to see a swarm of quakes to begin at lower magnitudes and gradually escalate.

Notice the first quake measured 3.6 mag., the second at 4.1 mag. and the forth at 5.5 mag. (see chart below)

In past interviews, Jim Berkland – Geologist, has made reference to increased, and sometimes unusual earthquake occurrence due to “water displacement”. Actually, it is liquid displacement such as oil, magma and water. It certainly could be as a result of “record breaking rain” as result of ongoing hurricane and tropical storms. However, in this case in could be magma movement since the readings of this swarm is only thirty miles from Long Valley Caldera.

I have been told this newly forming storm will be dragged by ‘Ivan’. Its course will not be known for several hours. It has a preliminary course towards North Carolina, but a cone of impact can range from North Florida to Massachusetts. Ivan is having a major effect both in its early formation and in its ultimate destination.

  DATE         TIME    Latitude            Longitude         Depth   Magnitude     Comments

yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss   degrees            degrees            km                    

2004/09/18  23:43:41   38.02N            118.66W         11.3     5.4       CENTRAL CAL

2004/09/18  23:02:17   38.01N            118.68W         7.6       5.5       CENTRAL CAL

2004/09/18  12:52:16   42.78N            1.43W             1.3       4.8       PYRENEES

2004/09/18  12:39:20   37.99N            118.72W         0.4       3.6       CENTRAL CAL

2004/09/18  07:08:00   37.99N            118.69W         1.5       4.1       CENTRAL CAL

2004/09/18  07:07:48   23.11N            67.57W           10.0     5.5       NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN

2004/09/18  07:07:10   38.01N            118.62W         5.0       3.6       CENTRAL CAL

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