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Time to Re-Visit Cause of Extreme Weather
2004 09 07

By Mitch Battros - ECTV
Sep 7, 2004, 01:04

Due to the trend of violent weather we have witnessed, and my expectation of what is to come, I thought it important to flesh-out what is causing the current and upcoming extreme weather. I am sad to say, the environmental zealots have now added “climate change” to their list of lies just as we witnessed their successful mission to hijack the term “global warming”.

To remain current and to provide “real” and credible evidence, you must read this USA Today article which came out just a few days ago.

Below is an article I wrote back on April 25th of this year. The only change would be to sadly add the term “climate change” to the list of successfully manipulated ploys.

Article: Greenland Ice Cores May Tell Stories Of Ancient Climate And Life

It confirms what every single credible scientist I have interviewed, as well as my own substantial research has shown. The proof is in 1) Ice core samples 2) Lake bottom samples 3) Tree rings. What the overwhelming evidence shows again and again… is our Earth has seen warming trends and cooling trends in a mostly predictable “cycle”.

No matter what the plant material and mud end up showing, researchers are already reading the story the ice tells about the last 120,000 years of Earth's climatic ups and downs, including an abrupt change in climate about 115,000 years ago that could have implications for to day.

The signs of life in the ice and the climate data were discovered by a small group of men and women who have worked during summers since 1996 at the North Greenland Ice core Project (North GRIP) camp. They extracted ice cores one at a time — each a cylinder 4 inches in diameter and 11 feet long — from the top to bottom of the 10,121 feet of ice here.

Their work already sheds new light on the 100,000-year long ice age that ended around 10,000 years ago. The cores snow that that ice age started with much milder and fewer climate swings than those that marked its end, confirming findings from Antarctic ice cores and ocean-bottom sediment cores.

But, says James White of the University of Colorado, who worked at North GRIP, even more importantly, the cores show at least one up and down temperature swing that interrupted the slide into the ice age, which could help scientists understand what the climate is up to now.

The Earth's climate has been generally stable for the last 10,000 years, but research is showing that a significant temperature swing is not out of the question even in periods of steady change, like the current one with the Earth slowly warming.

Notice the title of this USA Today article which hints of ancestry. Yes, if you study ancient text, you will clearly see they experienced so-called ‘global warming hundreds and thousands of years ago. Not to mention the planet Mars as well as other planets are experiencing so-called ‘global warming’ right now, this very day.

So unless our ancestor’s where driving SUV’s and had steel mills, and unless there is a current manufacturing complex on Mars, I think it is safe to say we would be experiencing so-called ‘global warming’…If There Were No Humans On Earth!!!!

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