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Barbara Bush says "I Rule the World" Queen of America, the Bush Dynasty
2004 05 24


This morning on ABC, Diane Sawyer interviewed George Sr. and Barbara Bush.

In the course of the conversation, Sawyer asked "I hear Barbara rules the family". Barbara Bush stated that George Sr. does not advise or tell George Jr. what to do, but that she advises her sons at all times.

Barbara Bush said, laughing "I am advising the former president, the governor of Florida and the President of the United States - I guess you could say I rule the world".

Barbara Bush - maiden name "Pierce/Percy" is of the English royal bloodline. They changed their name to Pierce generations ago caught in corruption and fleeing from England, according to researchers. At one time in England there was a saying "I'd rather be a Percy than a King", the family was so powerful.

It was reported today that Prime Minister Blair has to go to the Queen before the troops can go into battle, that in England the Monarch has to give the final OK. And here Barbara Bush is saying that she is the ultimate private advisor to her relatives who are "leaders".

Recently Alan Greenspan said "we are at the end of three hundred year money system". Greenspan was recently made a Knight, along with an American General and Rudolph Guliani.

Is the Bush family's royalty complex emerging? Any suprise England is supporting the war in their own corporate interests? That is their plan....

They will sacrifice anything to accomplish their goals !

In the interview this morning, Diane Sawyer quoted a scathing statement by former General Brent Scowcraft about the insanity and dangers of this war and agression. Bush, paused, and stated he respected Scowcroft and would have to see the statement before he would comment.

Sawyer said Carter had also been quoted against the war, Bush said "that was what he said in l99l - this is nothing new - this is old stuff" , and that is true - real old, and the corporate agenda they are all profiting from at the top. The parallel universe the "movers of the system" enjoy exploiting everything "beneath" their constructed empire.

(Clinton was an Oxford graduate too, and was even considered to head Oxford after being disgraced in his administration - both "parties" all have the same global goals at the top - it is bankers (money priests) of all colors and nationalities - the greed factor is human corruption) pamela gaston, a voice for children

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