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So Much for Solar Minimum; M-Class Flare Just Fired Off
2004 10 21

I’m not quite sure how to even start this article. It is so unusual and timely, that even the more conservative thinkers have to be scratching their heads asking themselves…”Is somebody trying to tell us something”.

Only two days ago I wrote an article telling of what NASA believes is the beginning of the Solar Minimum related to Cycle 23. The whole article was telling of just how unusual it was to see the beginning of a solar minimum two years early. It was at this time I reminded all of us that we “are not” in a typical solar cycle. I believe we are in a “Mega Cycle”. And of course I made mention as to how unusual this solar cycle has been acting. I could go on and on, but I think it best to simply direct you to October 19th’s article. Article: Should There Be No Sunspots

So here we are today October 20, 2004 with a hot off the press announcement of an M-Class flare firing off the Sun. Today’s sunspot count is 86, and coming from four pretty healthy sunspot regions. I would guess today’s M-Class flare most likely came from region 682. See here:

Also take a good look at the sharp spike of this flare. Although it does occur from time to time, I am still wondering if there may be a more sinister reason for this spike.

See Spike Here: Does anyone out there have the latest SOHO photos? Is there any indication of a comet hitting the Sun? Now before you get too crazy, it is very common for comets to crash into the Sun. The controversy relates to a comets affect, if any. I can tell you most astrophysicists view such an event as less than flea on a bears butt. However, I’m not so sure if this is always the case. I believe there are energy fields not yet defined that may play a role. But let me make this clear. What I am saying now is pure conjecture. I have no evidence whatsoever to make such a case. I’m just saying “it is my hunch”.

I know we have the coming of a “Blood Red Moon” occurring October 27th which is also a full lunar eclipse. See Article Here. Then of course we have Mount St. Helens ready to blow any day, and Mt Vesuvius is on high alert. Did I mention the continuing “swarm” at Long Valley Caldera? Now there wouldn’t be a 6.5 to 7.0 earthquake about to happen in the continental United States, would there? Sorry folks, just making a little fun, or am I...

Sometimes I’m called out for being too sensational, this could be one of those times, then again, it could be one of those intuitive moments. Only time will tell.

This Just In

I have just been contacted by Adam Rubel and Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder. I have just been told minutes ago, while writing this article, that Carlos wants to go public tonight on-air. All that was told to be was “I have a final communication of Mayan prophecy to tell. We all have to take responsibility right now.”

Folks, what I just said a few minutes ago may not be “a little fun” or ‘too sensational’ after all. I just went from a half hearted grin, to a very serious face. Maybe there is something to what’s going on right now, and maybe it is more than just a string of coincidence. But then, maybe not!

Join me tonight for a special ECTV presentation with Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios. We will find out together just what is on his mind.

ECTV Special Presentation – Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder

Tonight (Oct. 20th) from 9 PM to 10 PM (Pacific)

This presentation is free to all. Simply go to ECTV’s front page, look on the left menu and click on “Listen Live”.

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