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Senator John Kerry's Royal Lineage
2004 09 30

"Where's the plane?"
Burke's Peerage has now completed much of the research on Senator John Kerry.. This research proves that he is definitely more royal by blood than any former American President, including General Washington (related to 12 of the 25 British Dukes and the late Queen Mother) and both Presidents Bush (related to Queen Elizabeth II, 20 of the 25 Dukes and numerous European Princes). Senator Kerry is related to all the royal houses of Europe.

Senator Kerry's royal descent even includes the Albanian royal house. These relationships are direct through the Senator's mother, Rosemary Forbes. Her father was descended from William Forbes, Laird of Newe. The Baronets of Newe are extant. It is via this family that the Democratic candidate is descended from Henry II, King of England and father of Richard the Lionheart who was leader of the third Crusade in 1189.

Senator Kerry is also closely related to the Winthrop family of Boston, Mass.. His maternal grandmother was Margaret Tyndal Winthrop, who was the wife of James Grant Forbes and the granddaughter of Robert Winthrop, Speaker of the House of Representatives, from 1847 to 1849. The Senator's ancestor, John Winthrop, was the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 17th Century. It is this connection that gives Sen. Kerry a descent many times over from Henry III, King of England.

Senator Kerry's father's family was originally Jewish by religion and Burke's Peerage is hoping to document this inheritance. Roger Powell, the leading British genealogist, is on record as saying, "Senator Kerry's Jewish roots appear to have become almost extinguished in favour of his WASP ancestry." We know that the Senator's grandfather gave up the Jewish religion in favour of Roman Catholicism about a hundred years ago. The name was originally Kohn and the family came from what was then Czechoslovakia.

Sen. Kerry is also descended on his mother's side from Henry I, King of France, and his wife, Anne of Kiev. He is a direct descendant of a daughter of King Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon King of England. As a collateral descendant of Constantine Monamacaqs IX, Emperor of Byzantium, Sen. Kerry is related to all the monarchs of the royal house of France, including a double relationship with Francis I, Louis XIV, Louis XV, sadly with Louis XVI (guillotined) and also Louis XIX, Charles X and the present day Louis XX of France.

The above blood line gives Sen. Kerry kinship with the royal houses of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the princely House of Rus founded in 862 A.D. Amongst his kinsmen can be counted Ivan IV, "The Terrible", Tsar of all the Russias.. His descent from the princely House of Rus gives him modern relations, living today, amongst the princely Russian families of Dolgorouky and Obolensky..

The above clearly illustrates the fact that every maternal blood line of Mr. Kerry makes him more royal than any previous American President. Harold Brooks-Baker, director, Burke's Peerage stated today that, "because of the fact that the Presidential candidate with the most royal genes and chromosomes has always won the November Presidential election, the coming election, based on the previous 42(*) Presidents, will go to John Kerry."

(*) This is because President Grover Cleveland had two non-consecutive terms of office.

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Ed Note: Bush and Kerry are still "Skull" Brothers! Skull and Bones (S)election 2004

...and they are both Cousins (Hugh Hefner??) Bush, Kerry & Hefner: Odd Cousins and Kerry is related to King Harald and related to the European royals

The fact is that JFK (John Forbes Kerry) has allready won! The winner by bloodline is... John Kerry

John Heinz Kerry is the Zionist Rothchild's (S)elected President of the United States! Check it out... the scary part is that it's all true!

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