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How to Hide 64 Earthquakes
2004 10 05

By Ms. Hero Cee

How would you go about hiding the fact that the Earth has been struck by 64 major earthquakes in one week? According to the website of the United States Geographic Survey (USGS), there were no less than 64 earthquakes recorded globally between 19 September and 25 September, 2004. These were no lightweights, either. Take for example a magnitude 5.9 in Fiji, 5.8 in California and a 5.2 in Indonesia. Most of the others hovered around the 3.1 to 5.0 mark - enough to cause substantial damage in most instances.

That so many quakes are being felt everywhere from Russia to Chile should be of major concern to everyone. Yet how many news articles have you read about them? None. There seems to be a concerted effort to deny the reality of these events. Oh well, so what? Surely there are other things more important to report? Perhaps. Let’s continue.

During September there has also been a dramatic increase in global volcanic activity. Again, I refer to the USGS. Are you aware that there are currently 15 major volcanic eruptions occurring? The scale of activity ranges from an increase in lava flow to outright violent explosions and ejections. Here’s some:

Asama, Japan, erupted violently for three straight days to 16 September, spewing ash and rock one kilometre into the air and setting off one thousand minor earthquakes.

Fuego, Guatemala, erupted in a series of ten major explosions on 16 September.

Mauna Loa, Hawaii, saw a great increase in overall volcanic activity which set off more than five hundred small earthquakes beneath the summit caldera.

It is a similar story for Pacaya and Santa Maria, Guatemala; Shisaldin, Aleutian Islands; Soufriere Hills, West Indies; Shiveluch, Kliuchevskoi and Karymsky in Russia; Spurr and Veniaminoff, Alaska; and Etna, Italy.

So, as well as earthquake activity, most of the world’s volcanos are set to blow. Wouldn’t you think this should rate a mention in the news? Add to this the other aberrant global events. Need I mention, especially to those poor folks in Florida, the four hurricanes which have struck that region in less than five weeks?

It does not take the brightest light on the Christmas tree to know that something is very wrong here. Why is there such a united front on the part of the world’s media to withhold this information? News only oozes out when it is unavoidable. It is probably impossible to hide the fact of the Florida hurricanes. Yet the stories soon disappear to page 25 and beyond. Next month there will be no further mention of them.

Try to find a story about the spate of meteorites coming to ground in the past year. Astronomers should be having a field day, yet nothing is said. Even when a house in New Zealand was destroyed by an incoming rock, little was reported.

So, let me spell it out for you. The Earth is experiencing unprecedented phenomena which indicate that a major global upheaval is imminent. Why don’t we know about this? Because the media is keeping us occupied with saturation coverage of the US election, the Iraq War, the cost of oil, and the Australian Election (at least in Oz). Then there’s Reality TV to numb our cognitive abilities even further.

They also don’t tell us that most of the world’s navies are currently centred in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on ‘exercises’. Read: the safest place for a ship during a cataclysm.

Also, most of the world’s astronomers are focussing their attention on the activities at Dome C, Antarctica. Have the Norwegian contingent really gone missing? Or is this just a rumour?

And what is happening at Mirikata? Don’t tell me “nothing”!

Could it be that the Big Event is about to hit? The event for which the entire Iraq War is a smokescreen - the Event over which 20 astronomers from Pic de Bur observatory were killed in a cable-car accident? For those of us who have memories going back more than two weeks, the pieces are falling into place. Just like we feared they would

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