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Hail on ice rink--Mall mauled by sudden storm
2004 07 15

EDMONTON - A pounding hailstorm yesterday afternoon turned roads into lakes, flooded homes and damaged parts of Canada's largest mall. Holes were ripped in the roof over West Edmonton Mall's indoor amusement and ice rink, sending water cascading to the floor.

Police and mall officials ordered the entire 800-store complex evacuated. People leaving on foot reported seeing a "waterfall" flowing from the upper levels.

"We were advised to close all the rides and evacuate Galaxyland and the mall," said a worker at the amusement park who refused to give his name.

Water was ankle-deep on the main floor and a sprawling traffic jam developed outside the mall as motorists fought through waist-high pools of water to get out.


As water poured into Arte Jolly's car, about six men pushed it out of a lake that had formed in the middle of the parkade. In the mall, Jolly said she saw something fall from the ceiling.

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