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Geomagnetic Storm Hits Right On Time
2004 09 23

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

Just as predicted two days ago, a geomagnetic storm is in effect. The Kp index shoot up to 5. Watch for unusual fluxation in weather. Of course this also means, watch for current hurricanes and tropical storms to escalate.

JEANNE - SW of Hamilton, Bermuda and 476 nmi N of Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

KARL - 840 nmi ESE of Hamilton, Bermuda and 997 nmi ENE of Beef Island, BVI

LISA -1068 nmi E of Bridgetown, Barbados and 1151 nmi E of Fort de France, Martiniq

MEARI - 392 nmi WNW of Agana, Guam and 398 nmi N of Yap, Caroline Is.

Regarding hurricane “Jeanne”; She is one wicked, deadly, and unpredictable storm. I am going to make a crazy statement…I would not be surprised if Jeanne heads back towards the United States. She has already made the most unusual 90 degree turn when heading towards Florida, then sharply (full right angel) to Haiti killing over 700 people. I have never seen such an event. I will go so far as to say, this 90 degree turn which surprised most everybody, would make a good case suggesting the weather is being tampered with “by somebody”.

Notice the 90 degree turn marked in yellow towards the top, and reads “22/1500”

Folks, I’m telling you, it looks like she may do a complete loop and head right for the Southeast US coast. And with the current geomagnetic storm in effect, I predict Jeanne has the potential to escalate in wind strength/category within 24 hours.

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