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The world is going to end this summer, and I can prove it
2004 04 24

by Aaron Braaten

Recent media accounts of the 3-11 bombings in Spain mentioned "the Black Winds of Death", an immense attack on the US that is 90 per cent complete. The "Black Winds" mind virus currently resides in the global sub-consciousness where it incubates and awaits the appropriate trigger. The media has done nothing to elucidate this subject but has adopted an editorial policy to self-censor any further analysis or speculation of "the Black Winds". A cursory glance reveals some interesting coincidences.

In Islam, the huayra yana is the symbolic "black wind", akin to the spreading of ashes into the air much like a volcanic eruption. It is, in the extremist Islamic sense, a purification of non-Muslim peoples by fire and earthquakes to bring them to repentance. Ancient Islamic prophecy associates this with the appearance of the Imam Mahdi, who will lead the world for seven years before the return of the Christian Jesus.

Numerous newswires have reported that the bombings in Spain occurred exactly 911 days after 11 September, 2001, which is a tremendous hint that the terrorists are following a timeline. Before you debunkers reach for your calendars to do the count including the extra leap year day, the 11 March attacks happened 16 minutes before the 912 day mark. By extension, the thousandth day of global terror will be marked by 8 June, 2004, which marks the death of Mohammed and the founding of Islam as well as the once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event called the "Transit of Venus."

The Transit of Venus is an event much like an eclipse, where the planet Venus crosses between the Sun and Earth. In addition to this year, the Transit will re-occur again on 6 June, 2012. Transits of Venus are associated with volcanic eruptions. For example, the last Transit of Venus occurred back in 1882, and was followed shortly afterwards by the eruption of the Krakatau volcano, the shockwave of which was mistaken as an earthquake for miles. As a result, particle dust blocked out enough harmful solar radiation to cool the planet by 1.2 degrees in 1883.

Theories about dust particles causing global cooling have been around for a while, and many are traceable back to Ben Franklin. Volcanic dust, according to some climatologists, is 30 times better at keeping solar radiation out than it is at keeping the Earth's in. 1816, known as "the year without a summer" was one of the coldest summers on record, marked by poor crops and frost. The main cause of this was worldwide volcanic eruptions.

This is why those "in the know" have been keeping their eye on the Yellowstone Caldera—the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park. On 7 January of this year, several earthquakes in the 4.0 range shook Yellowstone, and last year trails into the thermal regions were closed for hiking, as vegetation and wildlife were dying from the increased thermal activity. Should Yellowstone ever blow, it would put hundreds or maybe even thousands of cubic kilometres of ash into the stratosphere. By comparison, Mount St Helens put a mere two cubic kilometres of ash into the air; Krakatau, 20.

A terrorist attack on the Caldera, at least in theory, could trigger an eruption with a nuclear device, and the ensuing ash cloud would devastate US crop growing for a few years, and maybe even plunge us into an ice age. A terrorist would simply have to pilot a boat to the middle of Yellowstone Lake, sink a nuke and watch the Caldera (and America) collapse, which of course is easier said than done. The ash cloud would cover two-thirds of the US but Edmonton will escape with nothing more than a cold, cold winter, and perhaps a glacier. Damn.

It's entirely possible that I have strung together several unrelated variables, but what if this is significant? If something seems too strange to be a coincidence, it probably isn't. 8 June, 2004 will mark the 1000th day of terror, an astronomical event as well as an important date in Islam and will probably pass like any other day. Or will it?

I know I'll be chillin' in my fallout bunker, tinfoil hat and all.

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