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The Pentagon's New Map: Our Government's Hellish Vision of Endless War Against Hapless Third-Worlders
2004 09 21

Why would our spooks kill 3000+ Americans in the 9-11 faux-terror event, you ask?

It really comes down to this: without an "enemy," our parasitical "national security" establishment has no reason to exist in its present form, much less continue to grow.

So, incredibly, they're pitching the hapless, near defenseless third world, which they've styled "the Gap" (the shaded region in the map above), as the latest "mortal enemy" of we who dwell in "the Core," their shorthand for the first world (US, Canada, Western Europe, Israel, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa) and all those who toil in the already-globalized (and, therefore, economically subservient) second world (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and India).

Henceforth, if you happen to live in a society that prefers to order itself according to ancient patterns and are unwilling to exchange your traditional ways of living for abject subservience to the interests of multinational corporations or international finance, you and your kin have been marked for destruction.

If these megalomaniacs get their way, our recent invasions of Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Yugoslavia and Iraq are just the beginning. Watch Pentagon guru Thomas Barnett's presentation on C-SPAN of the globalists' master plan for endless war and you'll begin to get the bigger picture.

But to realize their hellish vision of globe wide war against "the Gap," they need we of "the Core" to willingly yield up to them our blood and treasure, continuously and without interruption, for years, even decades to come. 9-11 was a cynical, spook-sponsored psychological operation designed to manipulate we Americans into doing exactly that.

But we're not the only ones being cynically psy-opsed. The entire "Core" has been targeted. To get Australians and New Zealanders on board, the Bali bombing was staged shortly after 9-11. To get even Old Europe on board, and save Aznar's servile government from the righteous wrath of the Spanish people, the Madrid bombs blew, but then politically backfired, badly. And presently, coordinated airplane downings and the horrors of Beslan are warping the minds and hearts of Russians towards war just as 9-11 warped our own, for a while anyway.

But will we of "the Core" in fact respond as they hoped? Will we give them our sons and daughters? Will we give them the hard-earned fruits of our labors? Will we allow ourselves to become unwitting participants or witting accomplices in monstrous crimes against our fellow man? Or will we resist them and deny them the means they seek to prey upon the poor and the weak of this world?

Only we, the relatively rich and privileged people of "the Core," can restrain this all-devouring beast that purports to act in our name. Only we can make it act less beastly and more human. But will we? Or are we and this awful beast now no longer distinguishable?

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