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Time to Be Concerned, But Not Panicked
2004 11 12

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

Yes it’s true; earth changing events are indeed escalating. I have noticed an increased pitch of concern from newsletter recipients and ‘Radio Hour’ listeners. Perhaps this is a good time to review what I and ECTV have been advocating since our inception.

I knew long ago, almost ten years now, that events would escalate and people would be vulnerable not just to the events themselves, but to their “reaction” to such events. I remember in the late 90’s, usually after a breaking news event, ECTV newsletter, or ECTV television show, half my email was asking “Where should I move? Where is the safest place to live?” Many other letters would come from the more conservative Christian’s who were fully convinced the “end is now”. This response was predictable, and I have thought very hard on how to approach such valid, but perhaps mis-placed concern.

In the late 90’s, perhaps from 1995 to 1997, paranormal talk show hosts and the controversial guest they presented, told of vast devastation which was just around the corner. Often the guest and host would feed each other while whipping everyone listening into a ‘frenzy of fear’. Often it would lead to the guest or host telling people to “pack up and move”. The notion of “safe zones” was created, advertised, and promoted as if they had some ‘special knowledge’ no one else had. Well it didn’t take long before many of the guests were proved to be frauds and charlatans, and the host would have to make corrective statements such as “I am an entertainer, not a reporter”. They would go on to remind us “this show is for your entertainment” reminding us to give frivolous weight to what was said.

But here is the problem… Some of what these less than credible people would say; has levels of truth. It would be so much easier if it was all garbage and easily thrown in the trash were it belonged. For our purposes related to this article, I will stay focused on those yelling “Follow me…follow me” as if they have some special secret knowledge only a select few poses. Regarding the question “Mitch, where should I move? Where are the reported “safe zones”? My answer will be most disappointing to many….

Let me take you back to one of my best and favorite shows. My guest was Will Carry, a graduate in the studies of “Permaculture”. The year was 1997. It was just after my breaking news events monolog, and the layout of the latest notable earthquakes. Soon after, as always, I introduce my guest. The first question I asked Will Carry was something close to this: “Hi Will and welcome to the show. You can see earthquakes are popping up all around us. Where do you think the safest place to live would be? Will sits up and clears his voice: “Mitch, I’m glad you asked me this question. It just so happens I brought with me a United States map, and topographical transparences.

I was beginning to get the uncomfortable feeling. You know, the one that says ‘this guy is about to eat your lunch’. And that he did. Mr. Carry methodically, but with gentleness, proceeded to destroy all notions that there is some special place on Earth, and specifically the United States that would be considered a “safe zone”. It went something like this: As Will Carry was holding a map of the US in one hand, we would one by one, place the geographical topo maps over certain areas. “Now you see here Mitch”, as he pointed the Gulf States and lower East Coast. “You don’t want to live here. Lots of nasty hurricanes”. Then Will places a new transparence over a different part of the map. “You see here”, as he points to the Mid-States. “You don’t want to live here. Lots of nasty tornado’s. By the way Mitch, did you know more people are killed by tornado’s than any other natural disaster?” By now if you looked closely, you could see beads of sweat starting to develop over my brow.

Mr. Carry goes on. “Stay with me Mitch”. Okay, now the back of my shirt is moist from the shoulders down. “You see this area?” As he points to the West Coast. “You don’t want to live over here. Earthquakes so large they will bounce you right out of bed”. By now everyone in the audience and at home had clearly received the message. As I turn to the camera with a towel draped over my head and shoulders to absorb the sweat after this “on air” beating (okay, just a little exaggeration), I confirmed to the world, my guest has changed by perspective forever. I will no longer pretend there is some special “safe zone” to run to as earth changing events escalate.

So now when you ask me “Mitch, where should I move to”? , I will answer you in a sometimes politely and gentle manner, other times with a bit more intensity and passion, “it is not where you live, but with whom you live with”. I believe it will be a far greater value to join with a community of similar minded people, then to try and find some cave in which to hide.

It is my belief Earth Changes are in fact escalating. This is a natural process the Earth has seen many times before. It is simply the law of “cycles” which is in a perfect rhythm I will not pretend to fully understand. What is happening now has been confirmed by our ancestors in the way of ancient text which takes many forms. Every ancient tribe and civilization in the world has held to one common message. I will try and capture my understanding in this very simple sentence: “The world will change, and you will be different”. The Hopi’s say “Life will end as we know it”. The Maya say “We are in the time of transition.” Edgar Cayce describes the end of the 5th Root Race and the beginning of the 6th Root Race.

As for our scientific colleagues such as paleontologist, paleobotanist, paleoclimatologist, geologist, archeologist, anthropologist and all similar disciplines say one thing… “What once was shall come again”. In its most simple terms, it is the science of “cycles”.

Folks, it is my study and understanding of the science of cycles which urges me to bring you this message. Yes, earth changes will escalate. Life will be lost. Natural disasters are part of our natural rhythm. This is why I strive to bring you the most credible and current information which affects us all. It is not meant to alarm you, but to prepare you. This is not due to some “specialness” I harbor, or some fantasized secret knowingness. It simply comes from the “study of cycles” related to my research of ancient text and current scientific trends.

As I have mentioned hundreds of times ‘on air’ and in articles, I believe it is far better to “inform”, than to “deny or withhold” news and information. This was most recently feathered out during 9-11. We witnessed experts from both sides of the spectrum. Some believe it is better to “not inform the public” as to not cause panic. The other side, which obviously I support, tells us “it is far better to inform” allowing people to best be “aware and prepare”. This will lessen the potential for trauma, shock and bewilderment.

I will end with reminding us all to use our gift of “discernment”. Just because I make statements and analogies with passion and conviction, does not make it “the truth”. No, it simply makes it “my truth”. It is for each one of us to “discern” what is useful for our personal direction.

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