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So-called ‘Reality TV’ and ‘Big Brother’
2004 09 18

I have a theory regarding the recent rise in so-called ‘Reality TV’ programs that seem to come in many different shapes and forms. These programs are supposedly entertaining and are always subject to very intelligent gossip debate. They often feature a series of hidden cameras recording the everyday lives of very sad individuals who are usually voted out by ‘excited’ viewers.

My theory is that these mindless and seemingly harmless ‘Big Brother’ style programs are in actual fact a method of getting the public used to the idea of mass surveillance without questioning it’s obvious intrusive outcomes. People who watch these unintelligent programs are being conditioned, not only due to the fact that it is brain numbing, but also because the subconscious mind is being told that surveillance is acceptable and therefore should not be subject to question. Surveillance is most definitely the increasing step towards a global fascist state, and a conditioned population of unthinking, unquestioning people are not going to resist.

Notice that despite the obvious controversies related to surveillance, the regime is still proceeding. The new ID cards are now being ‘tested’ in ‘public surveys’ which is perfect when an unthinking, unquestioning population who seem in favour of them will say things like “I have nothing to hide, I don’t mind having one’. Etc. The population is allowing this to happen because they sincerely believe that it is beneficial for the security of the country.

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