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Northern Poland Hit By Mysterious "Earthquake"-- Explosion On Baltic Coast?
2004 09 23

By Poland A.M.

North-Eastern Poland experienced a mysterious record-breaking "earthquake" yesterday and scientists are at a loss to explain possible reasons for the earthquake as the region is not considered to be seismic.

The quake exceeded 5 on the 10 point Richter scale, which makes it the strongest ever recorded in the region. The epicenter was in the Russian Kaliningrad region.

Two shock waves were not powerful enough to cause any serious damage, but it was enough to cause some walls in Suwałki to crack.

Some speculate that it may have been a huge explosion; perhaps in the coastal shipyards.

They have not exclude the idea that it might have been caused by a huge explosion somewhere along the Russian Baltic coast.

"There are no natural reasons for such a powerful earthquake to happen in this place," stated professor Marek Grad from Warsaw University. The Russians, however, assured that the shakes were caused by natural reasons. (Rzeczpospolita, pp. A1, A5; Gazeta Wyborcza, p. 1) E.B.

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