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The Complete Activation of the Second Wave
2004 09 13


With the passing of hurricane Ivan, conditions are now in place for the complete activation of the second wave. Everybody that is "supposed" to see the significance of the earth changes, everyone who has chosen to activate in this second of three waves, is now stepping onto the train.

The last wave two stragglers have gotten "the message" and we are now cleared for takeoff (energetically speaking, of course).

Third wave up next. They'll have a fast path to enlightenment it is true (faster even than the 2nd wavers), but they'll have the hardest time taking that first step AND they'll be the ones under the most critical time pressure. The energies of this physical creation are going to ascend so fast now that people in the third wave who balk at taking that first step are going to put themselves in physical danger. Each moment that passes that they refuse to move will make it all the more difficult for them to step forward. Unfortunately, the longer they wait, the more will the vibration of their body will diverge from the vibration of this planet.

I do not have to "spell out" what the consequences will be for them. All I will say here is that we should offer as much assistance as we are able (while still remaining safe and protected) and we should bless those who choose the fastest path home.

Let us open our arms to them and welcome their return as the first generation of this earth in over 30 thousand years to be born without the experience of duality


Only compassion and understanding.


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