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Google in the Hands of the CIA?
2004 07 12

Voxfux site being systematically removed from google.
The fascists now control google

It was inevitable, it was bound to happen. The voxfux site had over the years steadily increased the number of hits when the name voxfux was typed into Google. Last month it had reached 8000 hits on a Google search. Then suddenly something strange started happening. Just after the public offering and purchase of Google, the numbers of hits in a Google query of the word voxfux started to decline - For the first time in 3 years. This is occuring at the same time as my logs reflect a steady increase in traffic. There is nothing to explain to explain this anomaly, beside the possibility that what I had predicted a long time has come to fruition a lot sooner than I expected. It appears that as they have taken over all other media measurement tools such as the Neilson rating system and the Gallup and other major polling systems, that the illuminati simply could no longer allow the Google juggernaut remain outside their grip of control. And so it appears that Google may no longer be a trustworthy source of information search and that it may have fallen into the hands of the fascists ahead of schedule. Google has replaced all other means of information exchange, it has replaced the dictionary and the encyclopedia and the library and books as the primary tool for the searching of Information on the planet earth.

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