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US Economy Collapse Article Touches Nerve
2004 12 08

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

It appears my latest article outlining the empirical accuracy of Mayan elders and scholars as it pertains to the US dollar has set off a chain reaction of inquiring minds. I say Good!! That is just what it is suppose to do.

Article after article is now being published at warp speed from news columnist all around the world. You can find many such articles which includes ‘ECTV exclusives’, on our World News, National News, and All Things Political w/ Dr. Bill. Since this may appear to most as a political issue, I have requested most US Economy articles to be posted on Dr. Bill’s page. However, I am hopeful most of you can understand what is unfolding goes far beyond politics. One could make the argument it is more of prophecy and predictions suggesting human manipulation is only a playing symptom of a larger picture.

Yes it is true, the prediction of a rapidly falling economy was made months ago with pinpoint accuracy by using the Mayan Calendar as a guide. Just months ago, it was a difficult task to find those who would agree with this prediction. In fact, I remember just after my interview with Ian Lungold over a year ago, then again in my interview with Carl Johan Calleman a few months later, receiving a batch of letters stating the US is in a ‘growth spurt’ and our economy was stronger than ever. There were a few loyal ECTV members who had expressed some concern of my allowing such “nonsense” to be aired. I do not fault anyone for such statements. In fact, I strongly encourage everyone to follow “their truth” not mine or anyone else. I do not pretend to be omnipotent, nor do I empower any of my guest to portray they have some sort of “secret knowledge” no one else has. What I do give great credence to is that of “ancient text”.

I have long been an advocate of ancient civilizations and the caliber of their wisdom. So much so, that early on I fully enmeshed ancient text into my research regarding solar cycles and earth change phenomena. In fact, I will go on record as saying those high up in NASA and NOAA have also made reference as to their embracing of ancient text and civilizations into their “more recent” studies. But I can say it has not yet reached the “apex” needed to shift the current paradigm.

The study of ancient text and ancient civilizations is “not” woo-woo such as the so-called “channelors” who are simply a group of people who are so unsatisfied with themselves, they pretend to be someone else. Sorry, not for me. I am more impressed with those who are fully evolved within themselves much to the notion of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The study of ancient text and civilizations is pure science. However the interpretation of such could be construed as metaphysical or esoterical. And yes, I believe our ancestors were well into the understanding of what we now call “Quantum Physics”. Our ancestors simply called it “energy”, as in ‘energy fields’. They seemed to have a keen understanding of their surroundings often referring to a “rhythm of life” or “cycles of life”. And when I say ‘surroundings’, I include our solar system and perhaps far beyond this. It is at this point when ancient text refers to “heavenly things”. The words Rah, Creator, Great Spirit, God, etc. are referred to as the all encompassing “whole” which binds the universe together as one. Often, ancient text does not discern “that of the spirit” from “energy fields” (Quantum Physics). It is often viewed as one rhythmic harmonic symbio! sis. It is in part, this science of energy to which the Mayan Calendar is based.

It is for this reason I give full air-time to those who study the Mayan Calendar, and that of many other ancient text and civilizations. It is this willingness on my part which separates ECTV from the more fundamental news streams, but it is also this structured balance which separates ECTV from the gibberish of so-called “channelors”, alien abduction people, illuminati conspirators, planet-x freaks, and a whole host of frauds, charlatans and pretenders you can listen to on those other radio shows who care little of the integrity of their guest. No, ECTV will remain firm on the current mainstream sciences, the evolving new paradigm sciences (meaning new or updated platforms of which to derive formulas, graphs, and models), and the science of ancient text/civilizations which includes the science of “cycles” and that of “Quantum Physics”.

I make note that my sometimes firm words offend certain people. Please hear that I am not unaware of my delivery. My wish is to give you a clear message as to my direction of which I feel whole-heartedly is the most positive and most approachable, in which to build the bridge between our more conservative scientists and those more directed by spirit oriented beliefs. It is with my interpretation of ancient text which suggest it is this very platform of which our ancestors obtained such wisdom. The delicate balance between the known (science), and the unknown (metaphysical, quantum physics, energy fields) or spirit, is what I believe to be our destiny. It is when we embrace such knowledge, our new world will begin. Perhaps to some….it already has.

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