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Mayans Hit Nail on the Head; Financial Collapse Begins
2004 12 01

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

As predicted by Mayan Elder ‘Carlos Barrios’ and Mayan Scholar Carl Johan Calleman, author of “The Mayan Calendar”, all major networks including the right wing Fox News, are reporting a very serious instability in US financial standings.

Just this morning on MSNBC, one financial commentator stated “in some circles, there are serious rumors of the US dollar falling to 51% of the Euro-dollar.” They went on to say Japan may be next to follow in the devaluation of US currency. It appears the Bush Administration’s propaganda of pretending to have a strong economy is in the process of a rapid “implosion”.

It was just a few months ago when I posted highlights from my interview with Carl Johan Calleman who clearly stated “everyone in the world will no longer be able to deny the signs of an economic collapse beginning in November of this year”. You can hear this interview by going to our “Audio Archive” page to find our August 26th interview.

Yes, it does appear highly placed signs are being broadcast by the mainstream media of which “no one can deny”.

I have arranged an interview with Mayan Elder ‘Carlos Barrios’ for December 7th. Lets hear first hand from those who know as it pertains to predicted escalation of earth changes, and perhaps to some, even more importantly what is in store for our “way of life” as it relates to the US economy. I will also be contacting Carl Johan Calleman to arrange an interview later in December.

Article From: Earth Changes TV Newsletter

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