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Unusual Kp Index Spike Comes Out of Nowhere
2004 12 22

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

Just a few hours ago the Kp Index spiked at 5.1 putting the geomagnetic force in the red. One possible answer is a recent comet flying by the Sun. It is comet C/2004 V13(SWAN) which was captured by SOHO. See Here Look closely at the 2 o’clock position. You can clearly see the tail.

But low and behold, SOHO is currently shut down due to a “CCD Bakeout”. Yes, this does happen from time to time, but when it does at a time like this you can bet suspicions are raised. Some may wonder if a passing comet can cause a short lasting geomagnetic interference. There are many questions as to what causes the Sun to act out in cycles. What could be the driving force. Of course it is not comets, but most likely a symbiotic interaction from stellar space. There is new data coming out suggesting magnetic waves sometimes referred to as “solar ultrasound” is more likely the culprit.

As most of you know, my book “Solar Rain” goes into great detail show an intricate and “real time” connection between our Sun and Earth in the way of short term weather, and long term climate. However, my research stopped short of exploring what makes the “solar cycle”. I bet you can already guess what my next book will be!!!

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