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Floods Kill at Least 11 in Indonesia
2004 12 06

SURABAYA, Indonesia -- Torrential rain in Indonesia's East Java province caused widespread flooding and killed at least nine people, the provincial governor said Sunday. [Updated report: at least 11 people killed].

Hundreds of homes were damaged during three days of heavy rains that began Wednesday in heavily populated East Java, said Gov. Imam Utomo.

"The floods reached up to chest level," Utomo said. "Seven victims died swept away by the waters. Two elderly people died because of shock and exhaustion."

The rain stopped late Saturday and water levels began to recede, Utomo said.

Rampant deforestation and a lengthy rainy season cause dozens of landslides and flash floods each year in Indonesia. In March, a landslide in South Sulawesi killed 30 people, and 200 people died last November when a flash flood hit the Bukit Lawang resort in North Sumatra.

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