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The Reality of the Cycle of Abuse
2004 12 10


Just as a way of introduction, this is not so much an article and I will understand if time consdierations require that you delete it; however, I felt that I should make some statements that may be of interest to your readers.

My name is J~A~. I live and work in M~. I work for a company that 'provides' treatment to latency aged and adolescent boys who have been removed from their homes by the State. Many of these children are victims of physical and sexual abuse. Many have acted out sexually on other children, thereby perpetuating what is called in my field the Cycle of Abuse. For many years I have followed the writings of David Icke and other authors who write about similar subjects. I am particularly interested in Mr. Ickes writings regarding the impact of sexual abuse on the minds of people, particularly children. Every day I see the result of that abuse. Perhaps these children are not the victims of reptillians or illuminati, but the impact on their lives is no less tragic.

I applaud David and all those who work with him to expose the system that allows and perpetuates the Cycle of Abuse that I witness everyday. I am writing this statement to let all your readers know that your ideas are not just speculation and theory, they are hard and real truths.

Many of the children with whom I work have had their minds shattered by their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors, church ministers etc. There is an epidemic of child abuse and sexual assaults on children. This is not a minor problem. This may be the most undermining crime in our society. Thousands of children are being destroyed and mentally mutilated by the heinous acts of other people. I do not know whether or not these children are victims of the larger conspiracy to destroy humanity, or if it is just the natural overflow of that plan into the mainstream of society. What I do know is I have seen an increase in children who are the victims of sexual abuse in the seven years that I have been working in this field. I have no stats, no studies to show this. I have my experience. The problem is very real, and it is poised to explode on us in the next few years.

Many of those abuse victims, as I mentioned earlier, are themselves perpetrators. Many of them are walking the streets of Massachusetts right now, and all the states in America and nations in Europe and North America.

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