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Mayan Scholar Carl Calleman Describes ECTV Cruise
2004 12 15

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

I have asked Mayan scholar Carl Johan Calleman author of “The Mayan Calendar” to write in reference of script in the Mayan Calendar which tells of the date surrounding the Earth Changes TV Cruise of June 2005 which takes us to three ports-of-call with a one day excursion in Belize. There we will explore Mayan temples, scared spaces and artifacts. The following is what Carl wrote, and applies directly to all those joining us on this incredible once in a lifetime journey.

Carl Johan Calleman:

- In the shift between the days June 1 and 2 of 2005 we will experience the very midpoint not only of the Fourth DAY, the Fourth pulse of LIGHT, but also of the whole Galactic Underworld. Thus, around this time we will experience very powerful energies bringing about the synthesis of what is really the core content of the current development of consciousness.

This is the Midlight Celebration, where we may celebrate a new emergence of a range of phenomena serving to bring the world to a balance. It is definitely a point in time where people will come to a point of choosing whether they will be part of the fulfillment of the cosmic plan or not. The increasing experience of the divine plan as it is encoded in the Mayan calendar will then also increase the resistance against it for many. It is a time when things will get real and where everyone will benefit from focusing on what will be their future path.

Really the best way for everyone to understand the meaning of this particular time period is to compare it with analogous time periods in other Underworlds. In the National Underworld for instance, this was not only the time of emergence of the consciousness of the individual, notably in Greece, but also of the notion of one God ruling all of humanity in the works of the prophet Isaiah. The future history of mankind would be unthinkable without this emergence.

On another level, in the industrial development of the Planetary Underworld, it meant that communication systems were developed over the entire planet. And it meant the emergence of such crucial things as household electricity and the car without which the future development of humanity¹s external world would be unthinkable.

In the current Underworld, the Galactic, the whole purpose is to balance the effects of the phenomena that has emerged in lower Underworlds, notably the previous dominance of the left brain half and the Western hemisphere and so at its midpoint between the days 13 Ahau and 1 Imix in the Sacred Calendar of the Maya, corresponding to the days June 1 and June 2 in the Gregorian calendar, we may all in our own way contribute to the emergence of this new core synthesis, these core phenomena that will contribute decisively to the balancing of humanity and our planet in the years ahead. Celebrate! –

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