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The 100th Monkey must be playing with his banana
2004 12 29

Posted By creativecosmos | Surfing The Apocalypse Network

Still waiting for saturation to happen... Are you doing what you could be doing for the cause? What is the cause anyway? First and foremost your own well being must be the cause. Otherwise every contribution you make will be towards the problem, not the solution. It is a fact that meditation is a key to healing mental and emotional turmoil. How do I know? For one, it has completely transformed my life. I used to be an uptight SOB; a very smart one, but lacking grace, fluidity, and universal understanding.

Zen introduced me to open spaces. EGO was crushing me, and I realized it. Sure I had to suck it up and admit my mistakes, but this was a small price to pay for eternal salvation. The problem can't just go on and on and on. Someday you are going to have to face the things you are hiding. Please don't let them lurk in the closet. They will influence you and subvert every attempt at finding happiness.

Your claim to life must be total. How much of yourself can you compromise and still be whole? None. As soon as you sacrifice the truth of yourself even a little, you become divided. Justify your reasoning with money or work or other outside influences, but don't blame anyone else when you are living in hell. Furthermore, don't expect anyone else to join you there.

It is hard work to maintain a truthful existence, but the price is easily worth the boundlessness of its reward. Do you need a reward as incentive to better yourself? I can't believe that some people stop learning.

Engage the daily events that occur with the strength of your conviction rooted in informed understanding. This is where we will win the day. You passive folks that think it isn't your problem are going to be the biggest obstacles to getting this thing to happen.

Don't sit and wait for aliens to save us, or secretly hope that we will get invaded and then things might get slightly better for a little while. Take it in your own hands. Grab the bullshiz by the throat. Nobody on the outside is going to validate this for you. It is your decision. Do it for you. Do it for all of us.

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