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100 houses ablaze in egypt from meteors
2004 07 15

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Found this on GLP. It appears to be in Russian and was translated... Anyone read Russian?

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In several villages in the south of Egypt for the unknown reason have simultaneously burned down about 100 houses, informs RIA of "News" referring to local press. In result there were some hundreds local residents, many of which have burned.

Under the statement of numerous eyewitnesses, on roofs of houses on which peasants dry pomet, used in these places as fuel, drop the fiery spheres instantly igniting structures.

Local authorities cannot explain the reason of ignition yet. On one of versions, on houses the pigeons who are lighting up from collision with an electric main fell. However, under the statement of local residents, on big fires have been found out all a little scorched birdīs tushek.

Under other version, the reason of fires could become a meteoric stream. Come out also with assumptions of that, in the burned down houses because of the big loading in the electric system there were short circuits. But against this version speaks that many of houses at all had no an electricity.

Victims consider, that fire to them was sent by genies, attendants of the shaitan (devil).

It is necessary to note, that similar falling of fiery spheres was observed in January of this year in Spain where hundreds inhabitants of northern provinces became witnesses of the mysterious natural phenomenon.

Then one of representatives of authorities of the city of Palensija has declared, that one fiery sphere has blown up. " Explosion was very strong. In air the cloud of a white smoke which long did not dissipate " has risen, - it has declared.

In opinion of astronomers, fiery spheres, most likely, - large meteorites.

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