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Letters to Santa from Pleasantville
2004 12 16

In these hysteric times of -"Saddam this" and -"Saddam that", I post this story to remind you of the most important thing in life: Love.
Don't forgett about it.

From Lea MacDonald

Rather than write a story, I decided to write a poem about a recent discovery of an old shoe-box which had been festooned with decorations by my mother over the years.

She passed away 10 years ago just after Christmas. She had included it among the things she wanted me to have and it remained unnoticed until recently. I suspect her message is a timeless one which she'd want shared with all sons and daughters. Thank you mom, for making this a very special Christmas.

Today, while searching closets I looked upon a shelf, And found thereon a shoe-box in a corner by itself. I read upon its cover "Letters to Santa contained inside," I then removed a ribbon which around the box was tied.

Quickly opening the cover the first thing to catch my eye, Was a note atop my letters found neatly stacked inside. Written by my mother, oh so long ago, Was lovingly scribed a letter, titled "Things you need to know."

She left those many years ago but it seems like yesterday, When she helped me write to Santa and told me what to say. "Always start: Dear Santa," is what mother said to me, "Then say you've been a real good boy and that your name is Lea."

She'd sit and help for hours as I'd write my Santa note, Then off to Santa's Village went my letter filled with hope. And on each and every Christmas day it never failed to be, I'd find the things I asked for beneath our Christmas Tree.

"I hope someday you'll find this in the things I left to you, It is my greatest treasure kept inside this box for shoes. I'd often sit and read them as life made my boy a man, And recall how you wrote them as I held your tiny hand."

"You'd sit and write for hours making sure that Santa knew, About all the things you wanted from trains to brand-new shoes. Each year I'd say I mailed them but alas I couldn't part, With the dreams of my little Lea, as it would surely break my heart."

"I copied each and every note and sent them on their way, Then placed your letters in this box for you to read one day. I hope when you read them that a message from above, Will fill your heart with wisdom and a mother's endless love."

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