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April 30, 2016
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Swedes Revolt Over Refugees Near Schools: Demand "F##king Answers" From Stockholm City Council
Having documented the growing tensions in Sweden between an immigration-happy government and a nation beset by refugee-crime sprees, it appears "the people" have had enough. Stockholm residents are upset over the city council's plans to re-locate hundreds of Muslim migrants right next to a school and during a recent meeting, brawls broke out as Swedes exclaimed, "we demand f##king answers, now!" These are not ultra-right-wing nationalists exhorting their racist feelings, these are average Swedes and the revolution is building... Read more » 

  • Backlash halts removal of Confederate symbols in New Orleans
  • Kid Gets Tooth Knocked Out for Wearing #Trump T-Shirt > Anti-Trump Crowd Cheers
  • ECIPS Calls for Solidarity in Uniting Europe
  • Seven-year-old girl is gang-raped at an asylum centre in Germany
  • Brussels Attacks Underscore Vulnerability of an Open European Society
  • Geert Wilders For Breitbart: "We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet"
  • Supreme Court suggests 2nd Amendment protects carrying a stun gun
  • Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
  • Gay Panic on the Alt Right
  • Virginia woman designs bra that conceals knife and pepper spray
  • California Uber driver, 52, "raped a 21-year-old passenger he drove to a bar, on the same bed as her passed out friend"
  • Anti-Trump Violence Will Make America Turn Right, As It Did In ’68
  • ACLU leader resigns after threatening to shoot Trump supporters
  • The Blessed Bigotry of Mr Trump
  • Branding invaders as scum could earn PEGIDA leader five years in slammer
  • National Review Writer: Working-Class Communities "Deserve To Die"
  • Chicago rioters: Groping female Trump supporters is okay; ‘They are racist white b**ches’
  • New York City Schools Will Offer Free Tampons To Students
  • Ben Shapiro Betrays Loyal Breitbart Readers in Pursuit of Fox News Contributorship
  • Ben Terris and Jabin Botsford Committed Journalistic Fraud at the Washington Post
  • Local Trump supporter says she’s facing harassment, vandalism
  • Pressure from the United Patriots Front Stops Mosque Plan
    2016-04-28 20:10
    Pressure from the United Patriots Front appears to have killed off a mosque development in Narre Warren North. The City of Casey council now looks likely to withhold planning approval for the development in a special meeting set for Tuesday night. A council report, to be considered by councillors on Tuesday, recommends that the approval be blocked. The mosque opponents’ cause has been helped by councillor ...

    Police face questions over the influence of the Freemasons
    2016-04-28 20:48
    South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful 'secret society' the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough. Families of victims say that officers who were Masons were promoted into powerful positions despite being ill-equipped, including match commander David Duckenfield. Duckenfield told the fresh inquests he had been a Freemason since 1975 and became head of his ...

    England Bans its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims
    2016-04-27 2:23
    St. George's Cross "racist" towards immigrants Government officials said their city was ‘too multicultural’ to celebrate St George’s Day, England’s version of the 4th of July. The council said that displaying the English flag may have been seen as “racist” towards immigrants.

    Half of Western European men descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’
    2016-04-27 2:09
    Half of Western European men are descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’ who sired a dynasty of elite nobles which spread throughout Europe, a new study has shown. The monarch, who lived around 4,000 years ago, is likely to have been one of the earliest chieftains to take power in the continent. He was part of a new order which emerged in ...

    "Local Residents" Are Filmed Stealing Dozens of Bottles of Water at London Marathon Stop
    2016-04-25 23:10
    Editor's Comment: "Local" residents? Why bother blurring their faces? We know who they are. ... London marathon runners were robbed of dozens of bottled waters when thieves raided a refreshment area armed with trolleys during today's race. Nearby residents - including parents with children - were captured on camera piling up crates of free water handed out by volunteers during the 26-mile event. Marathon ...

    BBC says this woman looks like the 15th century Queen of England
    2016-04-25 23:15
    Sophie Okonedo, the daughter of a Nigerian father and Jewish mother, is portraying Margaret of Anjou in the BBC Drama series “The Hollow Crown”. Why? Margaret of Anjou was a White Christian woman. Okonedo is probably the polar opposite of that. Over the years we have seen Black Vikings in Thor: the Dark World. We have seen only non-White people playing the American ...

    Three German Cities to Tip Nonwhite
    2016-04-23 2:24
    Mass Third World immigration to Germany will “soon” cause the three German cities of Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt to tip into majority nonwhite status, one of that country’s most prominent demographers has announced. Speaking in an interview in the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, “integration expert” Jens Schneider said that Augsburg will be one of the “first major German cities where people with ...

    Racial Diversity Debate Between White Nationalist and KSU Professor Held Thursday Night
    2016-04-23 2:43
    Kentucky State University Political Science Professor Dr. Wilfred Reilly went head to head in a political debate with White Nationalist Jared Taylor at Kentucky State University Thursday night. {snip} ... After Taylor had 30 minutes to voice his argument, Dr. Reilly was given 30 minutes to voice his argument. Dr. Reilly said he disagreed with everything Taylor said. “Diversity makes life more interesting ...

    Vox Day of #Gamergate: Why I Support Donald Trump
    2016-04-22 23:11
    I am often asked why I, a Christian libertarian and intellectual, would publicly support Donald Trump, a man of no fixed ideology, no apparent religious beliefs, multiple marriages, visible ties to the Clintons, and whose taste and sophistication tends to resemble that of a nouveau riche rhinoceros. It is a reasonable question. After all, how can anyone support a candidate ...

    Nazi flag sparks anger in Sweden on Hitler's birthday
    2016-04-22 22:39
    Residents were shocked to see the flag, understood to have been a Nazi swastika banner, flying from one of the official flagpoles next to Vetlanda town hall in southern Sweden in the morning. The local authority reported that a security guard had contacted council janitorial staff after discovering it at around 6am and that it had been taken down shortly thereafter. When ...

    Sweden's deputy leader defends 9/11 'accident' gaffe
    2016-04-22 4:28
    Deputy Prime Minister and Green Party co-leader Åsa Romson has told The Local she refuses to let terror set the agenda, after appearing to refer to the 9/11 attacks as "accidents". Romson sparked debate after she spoke on public broadcaster SVT's breakfast show 'Gomorron Sverige' on Tuesday morning, while discussing housing minister Mehmet Kaplan's resignation. She praised her Green Party colleague's efforts ...

    'Wait a few days before you waste any prayers' - Prince's final words to fans as his death is confirmed
    2016-04-21 23:32
    Editor's note: The record producers, the managers and everyone else involved in Prince's career is going to make a LOT of money on Prince's death. Just as they did with Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson, who some have speculated was "taken out". CNN is doing wall to wall coverage, ALL DAY - prettending the world has stopped. Many other mainstream media ...

    My wife and I are white evangelicals. Here’s why we chose to give birth to black triplets
    2016-04-21 22:35
    As I have made the stroll from my wife’s hospital room to the NICU these past few days it has been hard to fathom the way that our family has been put together. This past Sunday, my gorgeous wife – a white evangelical, like me — gave birth to our beautiful African-American triplet daughters whom we adopted as embryos. These sweet ...

    New Polish historical policy could silence Holocaust debates
    2016-04-21 20:26
    Poland’s governing party is seeking to shape the country’s future by controlling perceptions of the past. The conservative Law and Justice party’s strategy includes the use of museums, film, public television and other tools to promote certain episodes in Poland’s history, like the anti-communist resistance after World War II. More controversial, though, are attempts to suppress discussion and research into painful ...

    Replacing Andrew Jackson with the Harriet Tubman Myth
    2016-04-21 19:24
    In 2020, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill to reflect the “new America,” one where White people don't exist unless they are serving non-Whites to atone for their 'evil ancestors.' President Andrew Jackson was outspoken against bankers:  “You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the ...

    Declassified memo shows multiple Saudi connections to 9/11 plotters
    2016-04-21 3:10
    Recently declassified information that a flight certificate of an Al Qaeda operative linked to 9/11 turned up in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington is raising fresh questions about the Kingdom's ties to the terror attack. The certificate and other revelations were laid out in a 47-page work plan prepared for the FBI in June 2003 but not declassified ...

    Bringing Identitarianism to America: A Brief Interview with Nathan Damigo
    2016-04-20 22:26
    For: Red Ice Hello, Nathan! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let's get the basic stuff out of the way first. Please briefly introduce yourself and your organization. No problem, thanks for speaking with me. My name is Nathan Damigo; I am an Iraq war veteran and am currently working on an undergraduate degree in social science. I ...

    Racially diverse 'new majority' set to reshape US public schools
    2016-04-19 1:27
    America’s public schools are a snapshot of a changing America: Since 2014, for the first time in the country’s history, a majority of those in public schools have been students of color. That’s more than just a statistic. The rise of this “new majority” promises to have sweeping effects on American schools over time. The voices and interests of these students ...

    Life in Space: Scientists develop embryo among stars in planet colonisation breakthrough
    2016-04-19 1:02
    Two-celled mouse embryos fully developed in space A research team from China concluded that mammalian embryos are able to grow in space after it was feared that it would not be possible. In early April, China launched a microgravity satellite named SJ-10 into the atmosphere which carried 6,000 mouse embryos inside a compartment about the size of a microwave oven. A mouse The container ...

    Hundreds of migrants with metal bars, planks of wood trash historic Paris train station
    2016-04-18 23:08
    Confronting video has captured a violent street brawl involving hundreds of migrants attacking each other with metal poles and planks of wood at a Paris metro station. Two sets of migrant groups attacked each other and set upon police, parked vehicles and pedestrians in two massive fights outside the Stalingrad Metro train station, in northeast Paris on Thursday night. The shocking video ...

    New UK Child Abuse Scandal: Council Failed Background Checks on School-Run Taxi Drivers
    2016-04-18 22:21
    Children as young as five are alleged to have been targeted in South Ribble, Lancashire, The New Day reports The allegations involve drivers in council-funded school runs Children as young as five were “sexually exploited” by taxi ­drivers after a local council failed to run background checks, a new report claims. Drivers in South Ribble, Lancashire, have been accused of violating children while ...

    Professional Educator: Grades, Showing Up On Time Are A Form Of White Supremacy
    2016-04-18 19:44
    A professional education consultant and teacher trainer argued at the White Privilege Conference (WPC) in Philadelphia that great teachers must also be liberal activists, and described in detail her goal for destroying the “white supremacist” nature of modern education. Heather Hackman operates Hackman Consulting Group and was formerly a professor of multicultural education at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University, where she taught future ...

    Hillary Clinton Was Already President in a 1995 Alt Universe TV Show
    2016-04-16 5:57
    In the American 1990's Sci-Fi show, Sliders Hillary Clinton was president in a disturbing alt universe where women dominate all positions of authority and men are viewed as the weaker sex. Originally, Hillary Clinton was asked to play the role of herself in the scene but declined for an unknown reason. Whether it's Trump as president in a Simpson's episode from the ...

    Thousands of teachers flock to ‘White Privilege Conference’
    2016-04-15 21:53
    Thursday marked the start of “The 17th Annual White Privilege Conference” and this year’s theme is “Let Freedom Ring, Re-Imagining Equality & Social Justice in the United States.” The annual event is aimed at promoting the theory of White Privilege – that American society is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way to fix the system is for white people ...

    SJWs Build New Database to Shame People For “Insulting” Online Comments
    2016-04-15 20:29
    Creators vow to demolish anonymity, reveal employers of those who use "harsh words" A group of social justice warriors are preparing to launch a new database that will encourage users to submit the real identities of people who make “insulting comments” online, making it easier for leftists to launch witch hunts against people who cause “offense”. In the name of preventing “cyber ...

    White Wealthy Men Guilty of Trusting Their Neighbors
    2016-04-14 21:13
    Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi played “Neighbors” in 1981. Editor's Note: As this article points out, trust declines as the years progress. Looking at immigration, America becomes more "diverse" each year because of mass non-White immigration which is rapidly altering demographics. Diversity creates less trust. When asked for a study to prove this, send your liberal friends Robert Putnam's study who ...

    Panicked elite buy underground bunkers to protect against revolutions
    2016-04-14 20:57
    The panicked 0.01 per cent are reportedly buying up underground bunkers carved out of bedrock to escape civil unrest and natural disasters. Bespoke hidden chambers in Germany and the US are being snapped up as the world's wealthiest look to secure a safe spot if crisis strikes, according to their promoters. And while numbers are difficult to ascertain, experts say more and ...

    Goldman Sachs is funding Hebron settlers
    2016-04-14 20:11
    For years American taxpayers have been bankrolling Jewish-only illegal settlements in the West Bank with hundreds of millions of dollars funneled through tax-exempt non-profit organizations (we’ve covered the issue on Mondoweiss since 2008). One of the organizations which is a frequent recipient of these donations is the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund which supports Hebron’s settler community. Haaretz reports that Goldman Sachs has a “clear pattern” of giving ...

    Minnesota: Still Trying to Prevent Somali Jihad with Expensive Social Programs
    2016-04-14 20:18
    Above, four Somalis out of six who were arrested in Minnesota in 2014 for trying to join ISIS. How insane is a government policy that continues to import a tribe of people who resist assimilation and present a danger to the law-abiding citizens? Furthermore, that group — the Somalis — requires extensive expensive programs to keep the young male combatants from ...

    Germany to Ban Sexy Women in Ads After Cologne New Year’s Eve Attacks by Muslim migrants
    2016-04-14 19:46
    Germany plans to ban sexy women and men from advertisements after the brutal sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. reported: Germany has announced plans to ban images of scantily-clad women in adverts in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the move to ban ads which “reduce women or men ...

    ‘Democracy Spring is a Soros-funded, anti-Trump radical movement’
    2016-04-14 19:00
    Americans, at least the enlightened ones, know that the system is rigged. And the organic element that’s here is that the people of America have every right to be angry because big money dominates politics, Christopher Greene from alternative GreeneWave TV, told RT. RT: What's the key driver of this public anger we're seeing in the US capital? Christopher Greene: George Soros, ...

    U2's Bono testifies before Congress on the refugee crisis
    2016-04-14 3:48
    "This is unthinkable stuff," he said. "And you should be very nervous in America about it." Africa, in particular, is grappling with what Bono called a phenomenon of three extremes — ideology, poverty and climate. "Those three extremes make one unholy trinity of an enemy and our foreign policy needs to face in that direction," he said. "It's even bigger than you ...

    Professor: a world without “Whiteness” (White people) will be “without conflict”!
    2016-04-14 2:15
    In Portland, Oregon, a Black History Professor, James Harrison, gave a speech about how the world would be so much better without *ahem* “Whiteness” (by which, of course, they mean White people.) Harrison’s anti-White comments yet again prove that anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White. He, and many others, claim to be against “racism”, but you will notice that this ...

    New evidence of Viking life in America?
    2016-04-14 0:54
    A new discovery has revealed that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought. It's well known that they reached the tip of the continent more than 1,000 years ago, but the full extent of their exploration has remained a mystery, writes historian Dan Snow. After a long hike across boggy ground and through ...

    Modernism, Postmodernism and the Destruction of Hierarchy
    2016-04-14 0:19
    Modernism was a Western philosophy that viewed the traditions of the past as limiting to the new emerging order of the late 19th century. Old hierarchies came under attack and the visual arts did not escape. Let’s take a look at how the dismantling of previous structures in visual language was manifested in Modernist and Post Modernist art. As usual ...

    The Man Behind ‘Islamophobia’ Admits He ‘Got Almost Everything Wrong’ About Muslims in His Country
    2016-04-13 1:30
    The most comprehensive survey of British Muslims to date has the man who introduced the term “Islamophobia” to Britain now criticizing that nation’s commitment to multiculturalism. “Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained that most Muslims are just like everyone else,” Trevor Phillips, a former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, writes in an op-ed for the ...

    White woman ejected from ‘Whiteness History Month’ event for questioning Trump’s racism
    2016-04-13 0:03
    Uniformed Black Panthers members seen at public college’s event When administrators at Portland Community College envisioned “Whiteness History Month,” they probably didn’t plan on incorporating members of the Black Panthers in their programming. Yet that’s exactly what happened at the college’s Cascade campus Tuesday when a woman attending one of the program’s lectures was ejected for defending Republican Party presidential frontrunner Donald ...

    "You Are Not The People, You Are The Past" Public Broadcaster Tells German Critics Of Mass Immigration
    2016-04-12 3:51
    “You are not the people, you are the past,” was the message to German critics of mass immigration on Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF’s NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE television programme. The message was delivered in a video featuring a multi-ethnic crowd of disabled, gay and transgender people, as well as a Muslim woman wearing a face veil and a man wearing traditional Saudi ...

    Finland's depression is the final indictment of Europe's monetary union
    2016-04-12 1:38
    President Risto Ryti was Finland's great inter-war economist. He was unfairly sentenced to hard labour as a war criminal even though the Bank of England tried to save him Photo: Getty Images Finland is sliding deeper into economic depression, a prime exhibit of currency failure and an even more unsettling saga for theoretical defenders of the euro than the crucifixion of ...

    Masculinity in the current year: "male" student says he suffers periods when his female flatmate does
    2016-04-12 1:00
    George Fellowes is a 22-year-old university student and believes he gets what he describes as "a male period". He says he's so close to his best friend and flatmate Amber-May Ellis that he gets cramps when she comes on each month. And it's become so bad that at times he's had to take sick days. Speaking to Newsbeat, George explains: "I think it's ...

    Sweden: Kids are playing ISIS in preschool
    2016-04-12 0:39
    I'm more worried today than I was a year ago, says Mona Sahlin. Former Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin is Sweden's official coordinator against violent extremism. Mona Sahlin's vision of Sweden has changed due to her mandate as the coordinator against violent extremism, she says in a stunning interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen, where she admits that the Swedish immigration ...

    Terrorist behind Brussels and Paris attacks says EURO 2016 is key ISIS target
    2016-04-12 0:28
    The European Championships in France this summer is a major jihadi target, according to a member of the ISIS terror cell that carried out the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels. More than 2.5m supporters, including tens of thousands of British and Irish fans, are expected to attend the continent's flagship football event, making the tournament a huge potential target for ...

    Feminism and Multiculturalism in Western Europe
    2016-04-12 0:39
    Feminists incessantly harp about a phantom “rape culture” in the United States and other Western countries. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Northern European cities experienced an outbreak of the real thing—and the opponents of patriarchy went silent. It turns out that a more powerful force exists on the left than feminist victimology: multiculturalism. As revelers gathered in the central square of ...

    Berlin ‘Lost To Arab Clans’ Now Recruiting ‘Physically Strong Young Migrants’
    2016-04-11 22:04
    Berlin’s criminal underworld has been “lost to Arab clans” according to a new report published by the mainstream German newspaper Die Welt. The report, which reveals how Arab migration has transformed Berlin’s entire criminal landscape, exposes how extended migrant families, now recruiting new migrants, run the entirety of the city’s organised crime. The report speaks of the ‘amazing’ sight of luxury ...

    Arab Schools In Sweden Still Hot
    2016-04-11 21:24
    An Arab school in the largely migrant city of Malmo, in Sweden, has been set ablaze, by several unsung heroes. People across the country have come out of their homes in celebration, many scratching their heads and wondering why there were ever any Muslim schools in Sweden in the first place. “How did it get this far?” they ...

    If you don’t rent to criminals, are you a racist?
    2016-04-11 21:33
    Julian Castro, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, spoke on Friday during a round table discussion on affordable housing in Sunnyvale, California. You’re a private landlord, renting apartments in a building you bought with your savings from years of hard work and modest living. You take pride in maintaining your property, keeping it clean, comfortable, and attractive. ...

    You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer
    2016-04-11 21:14
    Under pressure from Obama educrats, public school districts are no longer suspending even violent students; but now, under pressure from Black Lives Matter, they are suspending teachers who complain about not suspending bad kids. In St. Paul, Minn., a high school teacher was put on administrative leave last month after Black Lives Matter threatened to shut down the school because the ...

    Washington's Map Is Going to Be Less Racist Soon
    2016-04-11 21:03
    According to State Sen. Pramila Jayapal, it's a no-brainer to remove racial slurs from geographic names in places like Washington's National Parks. Back in November, State Senator Pramila Jayapal wrote eloquently about the need to change the racist geographical names across Washington. She successfully battled the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names to rename Coon Lake and Coon Creek, "a pair of ...

    PSU protesters disrupt Students for Trump meeting
    2016-04-09 3:20
    The inaugural meeting of a Students for Trump group at Portland State University descended into chaos Thursday after anti-Trump protesters barged in to halt the proceedings. Video footage of the altercation shows protesters displayed pro-communist signs, attempted to shut down the meeting with shouted chants, and at times nearly came to blows with the Trump supporters. The video begins by panning around ...

    The Pro-Life Temptation
    2016-04-09 3:32
    Few issues divide our movement—whether we call it identitarianism, race-realism, or the “alt Right”—like abortion. To some, the practice is akin to murder, and its acceptance shows the degeneracy of the Left. To others, abortion—and contraception more generally—are eugenic practices, which are about the only things keeping our societies from falling into complete idiocracy. I understand the pro-life temptation. The kinds ...

    New Jersey Man Faces 90 Days in Jail for Displaying Trump Flags in Front of His House
    2016-04-09 3:42
    A New Jersey man could spend 90 days in jail for flying a flag showing his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in front of his house. News12 New Jersey reports West Long Branch resident Joe Hornick received a summons for displaying a political sign more than 30 days before an election. Hornick told News12 New Jersey, “You can obviously see ...

    Apparently, Realistic Firearms Training Is Now Racist
    2016-04-09 2:33
    The goal of firearms training simulators for police is very simple. They recreate scenarios for police to help them refine tactics and commands, in hopes that they will not have to shoot a suspect. It also gives officers a realistic look at just how fast a mundane interaction with citizens can become a lethal force threat. For example, a FATS (FireArm ...

    Fingerprints to be tested as "currency" in Japan
    2016-04-08 22:55
    Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints. The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to ...

    "The Swedish Number" Allows You to Call Random Swedes - So We Tried It
    2016-04-08 21:59
    Sweden is typically known as the land of meatballs, IKEA, and left-wing politics. But what are the Swedish people actually like, and how many of them actually conform to these cultural stereotypes? In a bid to introduce its people to the world, Sweden's Tourist Association set up "The Swedish Number." The idea is that anyone can call up and they'll be ...

    Vice: "Dear Straight Guys, It's Time to Start Putting Things In Your Butt"
    2016-04-08 21:20
    Editor's note: Warning, this is disgusting. We post this to show you how morally bankrupt, perverted and sick these cultural marxists and leftists have become. It's the same with Gawker, who last year post a anilingus instruction for people, called "The Booty-Eating Renaissance". These people are sick, deranged and should be keep far away from all children at all times. ...

    Israel Demand More Shekels: Netanyahu Rejects 20% Increase in US Aid as Compensation for Stupid Iran Deal
    2016-04-08 20:24
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a US proposal to increase its annual financial and military support to Israel by 20 per cent as compensation for the deal signed with Iran. Sources close to the US-Israeli negotiating circles said with the additional 20 percent, the US support to Israel will reach $3.6 billion a year. America’s financial and military support ...

    Suspect believed to be "Man in the Hat" among several arrested in Belgium terror sweep
    2016-04-08 20:34
    Watch the latest video at Mohamed Abrini, the terror suspect believed to be the "man in the hat," an accomplice of the suicide attackers at Belgium's Zaventem Airport bombing last month and the Paris massacre in November, was finally arrested in a Belgium terror sweep Friday after spending months on the run, investigators confirmed. A second arrested suspect, Swedish national Osama Krayem, ...

    Drone smashes through 5th floor office window & into man’s head
    2016-04-08 20:57
    A rogue drone made a dramatic entrance into the fifth floor of a Cape Town office building when it smashed through a window and hit a worker sitting at his desk. Entrepreneur and racing driver David Perel said the crash sounded like an explosion. “While sitting at my desk I heard what sounded like a missile followed by a huge bang and ...

    Millionaires are leaving Chicago, report says
    2016-04-08 3:17
    Millionaires are leaving Chicago more than any other city in the United States on a net basis, according to a new report. About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more, not including their primary residence, moved from the city last year, with many citing rising racial tensions and worries about crime as factors in the decision, according to ...

    Obama Jokes about SCOTUS Pick: 'Yeah, He's a White Guy - Sorry!'
    2016-04-07 22:40
    Written by (((Ashley Rae Goldenberg))) During a question and answer session at University of Chicago Law School, President Obama joked he is “sorry” his U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, is white. After talking about the changes he has made to “transform” the federal court system from a “diversity standpoint,” Obama said, “And so, when I look at Merrick Garland, that was ...

    Norwegian Politician Is Raped by Somalian Migrant – Begs for Him Not to be Deported
    2016-04-07 21:19
    Leftist Norway politician Karsten Nordal Hauken was brutally raped by a Somali and felt so incredibly guilty in the aftermath he subsequently questioned whether authorities should even deport the man. Hauken has finally come out to tell the public his story of his rape and forgiveness, Norway’s public broadcasting channel NRK reports. Immediately after the rape first occurred, Hauken was taken to ...

    Some sunscreen ingredients may disrupt sperm cell function
    2016-04-07 21:23
    Many ultraviolet (UV)-filtering chemicals commonly used in sunscreens interfere with the function of human sperm cells, and some mimic the effect of the female hormone progesterone, a new study finds. Results of the Danish study will be presented Friday at the Endocrine Society's 98th annual meeting in Boston. "These results are of concern and might explain in part why unexplained infertility ...

    8 Disturbing Ways Society is Feminizing Men Through Food And Products
    2016-04-07 3:47
    A reoccurring theme in many of the food health concerns revolves around high estrogen levels. This can be harmful to men and women. It’s almost as if there is a conspiracy to reduce the population of humans on planet earth. Perhaps Ori Hofmekler said it best: “We’re on the fast track to extinction. In the past 50 years, sperm counts in men ...

    Stone Age humans brought deer to Scotland by sea: study
    2016-04-07 0:37
    Stone Age humans populated the Scottish islands with red deer transported "considerable distances" by boat, said researchers Wednesday who admitted surprise at our prehistoric ancestors' seafaring prowess. DNA analysis revealed that deer on Scotland's northermost islands were unlikely to have come from the closest and seemingly most obvious places -- mainland Scotland, Ireland or Norway, said a study in the Royal ...

    Cologne Police Reveal 'Cover Up' Of New Year's Eve Rape Attacks Ordered By Government
    2016-04-06 22:28
    A leaked cache of confidential emails and notes passed between the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state government and local police has revealed the extent to which the force were placed under pressure to cover up the migrant sex attacks at New Year’s Eve. Reportedly released to Cologne-based German newspaper the Express by an inside police source, the documents may imperil the position of NRW ...

    'White People and Their Dogs' Woman Curses Before Attacking Dog Owner: NYPD
    2016-04-06 22:59
    A woman berated a neighbor walking a dog near her home, shouting "'F******* white people and their dogs," before she and another woman pursued the dog owner into her building where they punched, scratched and choked her and hit her with a cane, according to police and witnesses. A building security guard, who asked not to be named for fear ...

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