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Insight - Anchorman 2 Review & The Politics of Will Ferrell
July 17, 2014
Henrik and Lana analyze the propaganda found within the movie Anchorman 2. They’ll also examine the actor Will Ferrell, his double standards, and his Funny or Die posse that includes producer Judd Apatow and writer/producer Adam McKay. What is the purpose behind the progressive’s politically correct agenda pushed in Hollywood entertainment?


Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast to Make THC
"[...]A biotech startup working in Ireland is actively trying to transplant the genetic information that codes for both THC and another cannabinoid called CBD into yeast so that new medicinal (and, perhaps recreational) "marijuana" can be grown in a lab—no plants necessary.
The goal here, at first, isn’t to create another way for people to get high. Instead, it’ll be using the ability to quickly and precisely modify THC content to create more specialized treatments for specific diseases..."

  • Global warming ’pause’ was a natural fluctuation, scientists say
  • Concern Over Chemtrails Highlighted on Mainstream Media
  • Rising ‘Hispanic’ Star George P. Bush Confronted on Family’s Nazi Banking Past
  • ‘Back Doors’ Running on Every iOS Device
  • With Ukraine Airspace Closed, Malaysia Airlines Has Redirected Flights Over a Safer Area – Syria
  • Goldman Managing Director Found Dead In Apparent Kite Surfing Accident
  • Over 100 Children Among 600 Dead in Gaza
  • State Dept. withholds intelligence on MH17 downing
  • South Korea ferry disaster boss Yoo Byung-eun found dead
  • Claims about MH17 that MSM fails to question
  • Major US air companies suspend flights to and from Israel
  • Bonsai Tree in Space
  • Road workers smash 1,000-year-old monument
  • 9/11 - How Did Human Remains End Up Miles From Flight 93’s Crash Site?
  • Tibetans Inherit Super-Athlete Gene from Denisovans
  • Pre-historic tokens used in conjunction with cuneiform
    2014 07 22
    An archaeological dig in southeast Turkey has uncovered a large number of clay tokens that were used as records of trade until the advent of writing, or so it had been believed. But a new find of tokens, dates from a time when writing was commonplace – thousands of years after it was previously assumed this technology had become obsolete. Researchers ...
    Are immigration opponents Nazis?
    2014 07 22
    It seems the usual suspects are calling anyone who opposes unlimited immigration to be a "Nazi". The Left seems to be in constant fear of "Nazis" that lurk in public policy discussions and I assume under their beds. If you oppose any Leftist position, you are a.... take a wild guess...wait for it.... a NAZI! Tim Wise recently went ...
    What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
    2014 07 22
    Exclusive: The U.S. media’s Ukraine bias has been obvious, siding with the Kiev regime and bashing ethnic Russian rebels and Russia’s President Putin. But now – with the scramble to blame Putin for the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down – the shoddy journalism has grown truly dangerous, says Robert Parry. In the heat of the U.S. media’s latest war hysteria – rushing to ...
    Oh, Great: Robots Are Set to Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews
    2014 07 22
    Advancing a career in the US government might soon require an interview with a computer-generated head who wants to know about that time you took ketamine. Psychologists at the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) are developing an interview system that uses a responsive on-screen avatar for the first stage of the national security clearance process. Initial screening for a variety ...
    Is Anything on the Internet Real Anymore?
    2014 07 22
    Is there anybody…out there? I promise I’m a real person asking this question and typing this article…but beyond that, I can’t promise much else about anything you or I see on the Internet. This article on ZDNet, “GCHQ’s dark arts: Leaked documents reveal online manipulation, Facebook, YouTube snooping,” confirms — beyond a shadow of any possible doubt — that a barrage of ...
    Texas Governor to Send National Guard Troops to Border
    2014 07 22
    Texas Governor Rick Perry announced plans Monday to send 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Mexican border to deal with the massive wave of illegal immigration by children. Perry had previously asked the Obama administration to provide the same number of federal troops in an ongoing debate over how to deal with the flood of new immigrants. "The price of ...
    Electric Aliens? Bacteria discovered that exist on pure energy
    2014 07 21
    Microbiologists based in California have discovered bacteria that survive by eating pure electrons rather than food, bringing an entirely new method of existence to awareness and raising questions about possibilities for alien life. The ‘electric bacteria’ – as they have been dubbed by the team that discovered them – take energy from rocks and metal by feasting directly on their electrons. ...
    Archaeologists discover 8,000-year-old HUMAN BRAIN? Norway skull ’harbours fragments of grey matter’
    2014 07 21
    Archaeologists in Norway have unearthed what they believe to be a skull 8,000 years old that could contain the oldest remnants of a human brain. The discovery was made at a dig site in Stokke, southwest of Oslo. Initial findings suggest the skull belonged to a child no older than ten years old, while an adult was also buried in a fetal-like ...
    New York State Wants To Heavily Regulate Bitcoin Trading
    2014 07 21
    The proposal would establish a mandatory “BitLicense” for any company involved with the buying, selling, mining or trading of cryptocurrencies. In a move that has upset many in the bitcoin community, New York has become the first state to issue guidelines for the regulation of the trade and storage of bitcoins and other virtual currencies. With New York City being ...
    Government agents ’directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots
    2014 07 21
    Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the "direct involvement" of government agents or informants, a new report says. Some of the controversial "sting" operations "were proposed or led by informants", bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist. The ...
    Russian Institute for Strategic Studies: NATO Is Attempting to “Revolutionize The Current World Order”
    2014 07 21
    West seeks “total reconstruction of the world” The tense situation between Ukraine and the United States is outlined in a paper released earlier this month by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS). A week prior to the downing of Malaysian flight 17, the institute warned that the west “refuses to adhere to the principles and norms of international law and ...
    MH17: Are Pristine and Expired Passports a Smoking Gun for a False Flag?
    2014 07 21
    As the dust settles on this latest air tragedy, a number of very visible anomalies exist, all of which have been willingly glossed over by western media analyists and government officials. Putting the current media storm into context, it’s essential to establish the political motives of those parties rushing to assign blame. Western government and major western media outlets, namely ...
    Swedish mental health groups lobby for creation of ‘suicide agency’
    2014 07 21
    Swedish mental health charities want the government to create an official agency to reduce the high number of suicides in the country. Experts argue the issue has been swept under the carpet at the expense of human suffering. Non-profit organization Mind, which works with people suffering from mental illnesses, has raised the alarm over the number of suicides in Sweden. Representatives ...
    Principal Calls Student Racist Because He Wore White, Made ‘W’ Sign During School Spirit Week
    2014 07 20
    A star high school athlete in rural Marshalltown, Iowa has been suspended for three football games this fall because he posted a social media image of himself enthusiastically festooned from head to toe in white clothing during school spirit week. In the photo, he made the letter “W” with his hands — which in this case stands for white. The student ...
    Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
    2014 07 20
    From: Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition it was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter. His destiny however was not to drift into the awaiting oblivion, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, ...
    Defamation - Behind the Scenes of the ADL
    2014 07 19
    "Defamation is a 2009 documentary film by award-winning filmmaker Yoav Shamir. It examines "antisemitism" and, in particular, the way perceptions of "antisemitism" affect Israeli and U.S. The film examines whether "anti-Semitic" has become an all purpose label for anyone who criticizes Israel and the possibility that some Jews’ preoccupation with the past—i.e., the Holocaust—is preventing progress today." More: Defamation Video from: Comment: Please ...
    Yellowstone Volcano: Supervolcano Eruption Would Last for ‘Many Months,’ Possible Even ‘Years’
    2014 07 18
    An eruption of the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano could last for over a year. The park sits on top of the world’s largest active volcano, which erupted around 640,000 years ago and sent ash across most of North America. The two other recorded eruptions are 1.3 million and 2.1 million years ago. While discussing the effects of an eruption, supervolcano scientist Bob Smith ...
    In Historic Blow to Climate Hysteria, Australia Kills Carbon Tax
    2014 07 18
    With final approval of the Senate on July 17, Australia officially became the first developed nation to repeal its deeply controversial tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, dealing a major setback to proponents of increasingly discredited man-made “global warming” theories. Climate realists worldwide celebrated the historic development, while enraged global-warming theorists furiously lashed out at Australian lawmakers. Analysts also noted that ...
    CNN Pulls Reporter From Israel-Hamas Coverage Over ’Scum’ Tweet
    2014 07 18
    CNN correspondent Diana Magnay hasn’t tweeted since Thursday, when she referred to a group of Israelis who cheered the bombing of Gaza as "scum." And on Friday, the cable news channel said she’s no longer covering the conflict. Magnay wrote the tweet shortly after she filmed a live shot from a hill near the Israel-Gaza border. During Magnay’s report, cheers could ...
    Murdoch’s Media Monopoly: Are the Globalists Streamlining Their PR for WWIII?
    2014 07 18
    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has made a bid to buy Time Warner for $80 Billion during the early hours of Wednesday. Studio giant 21st Century Fox, which is owned by Murdoch, hoped to purchase the media giant Time Warner Inc., before the offer was rebuffed due to consideration of its shareholders. A Time Warner rep explained the reason why the ...
    The Left-Center-Right Political Spectrum of Immigration = Cultural Marxism
    2014 07 18
    Will Kymlicka is the foremost advocate of the Canadian model of immigrant multiculturalism. In a recent article I noted that Kymlicka is generally seen by both the left and the right as a centrist who defends the current system of immigration and liberal institutions in Canada. But I did not elaborate as to why he is seen as a centrist, ...
    New Law Permits UK Royals To Keep More Secrets
    2014 07 18
    Special exemptions to be written into Freedom of Information Act The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. Letters, emails and documents relating to the monarch, her heir and the second in line to ...
    Marine Le Pen attacks Juncker as he gets European Union top job, to take EU on the “attack”
    2014 07 17
    Marine Le Pen attacking Juncker and the EU dictators (no English subtitle available of this video yet unfortunately.) (With Swedish Subtitles) The same video with subtitles in French and in German --- Jean-Claude Juncker to take the EU on the ’attack’ By Bruno Waterfield | The Telegraph Jean-Claude Juncker will run a "highly politicised" European Commission that will override British opposition to social legislation ...
    District’s critical thinking assignment led at least 50 students to conclude Holocaust never occurred
    2014 07 17
    Comment: This is an ironic example of how students are not allowed to think for themselves and base conclusion on the available material and the evidence available. Since it might lead to "undesired" results. There are rumors that the eighth-grade English teacher responsible for this "thought crime" is a Muslim by the way. The teacher is now to undergo "re-education" ...
    Journalists will face jail over spy leaks under new security laws
    2014 07 17
    Australian journalists could face prosecution and jail for reporting Snowden-style revelations about certain spy operations, in an “outrageous” expansion of the government’s national security powers, leading criminal lawyers have warned. A bill presented to parliament on Wednesday by the attorney general, George Brandis, would expand the powers of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Asio), including creation of a new offence punishable ...
    NASA finds huge meteroite on Mars, names it ’Lebanon’
    2014 07 17
    Huge Meteorite on Mars Discovered by NASA’s Curiosity Rover Talk about a speed bump. NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has discovered its first meteorite on the Red Planet, and it’s no puny space rock. The newfound Mars meteorite, which scientist have named "Lebanon," is nearly 7 feet (2 meters) wide and made of iron. Photos of the meteorite taken by Curiosity also revealed ...
    FBI warns driverless cars could become new ’lethal weapon’ for terrorists
    2014 07 17
    The threat of a car being hacked is not a new one, as we laid out in our report about the death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings - Was Michael Hastings Murdered?. The advancement of driverless or self-driving cars makes the danger of car-hacking even more of a reality. The FBI now claims that the real danger of this new ...
    Could Giant Viruses Be the Origin of Life on Earth?
    2014 07 17
    The ancestors of modern viruses may have laid the groundwork for cellular life as we know it. Chantal Abergel and Jean-Michel Claverie were used to finding strange viruses. The married virologists at Aix-Marseille University had made a career of it. But pithovirus, which they discovered in 2013 in a sample of Siberian dirt that had been frozen for more than 30,000 years, ...
    CDC’s National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is spying on kids & parents
    2014 07 17
    The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is using data analysis to identify children and families most at risk, and thus inform how time and money is allocated. When the DCF started this project two years ago, the goal was to see fewer dead children -- and that’s what the department says is happening while spying on children & ...
    Malaysian airliner crashes in E. Ukraine near Russian border, over 280 people on board
    2014 07 17
    A Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing-777 with over 280 passengers on board has crashed in Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. Both Kiev and the opposition deny involvement in the incident. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko said the plane carrying 285 passengers and 15 crew members fell. Malaysian Airlines has confirmed that it has lost contact ...
    Controlling the Narrative: Woman Calls Cheney War Criminal, C-Span Cuts Feed
    2014 07 16
    C-Span has done an exemplary job controlling the political narrative. It demonstrated its faithful service to the state and the ruling political class the other day when Politico was doing an interview with the former Prince of Darkness, aka the vice president of the United States, and his wife Lynne and daughter Liz. During the interview a woman in the audience stood ...
    Study shows synthetic vitamins in ‘fortified’ breakfast cereals harming children
    2014 07 16
    Comment: There’s reasons why you should worry more about giving your kid the sugared up morning
    Novartis and Google to develop ’smart’ contact lens
    2014 07 16
    ‘The promise here is the Holy Grail of vision care, to be able to replicate the natural functioning of the eye,’ says Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez Inc. gained an ally to develop smart contact lenses with embedded electronics to improve vision and monitor health by teaming up with Swiss drug company Novartis AG. Novartis’s Alcon unit will work with Google’s secretive Google ...
    Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Assange
    2014 07 16
    A Swedish court upheld on Wednesday an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who has spent two years at Ecuador’s London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of sexual assault. Swedish prosecutors want to question Assange over the allegations made by two female former WikiLeaks volunteers. Assange denies the allegations and has been fighting a legal battle against extradition ...
    Israel buys tweets to promote Gaza escalation
    2014 07 16
    PM Netanyahu steps up PR efforts on social media Using public relations efforts to build public support for military action is not a new idea. But spending money on tweets to shape global perceptions may be the next frontier for such efforts. Hayes Brown, Editor at Foreign Policy, posted this screenshot of a promoted tweet from the official Twitter account of ...
    Minority Rites: Modern Lessons from the Bolshevik Revolution
    2014 07 16
    The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia, David King (Tate Publishing, new edition 2014) Who said the following? We must carry along with us ninety million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia’s inhabitants. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated. Was it Stalin? No, it was one ...
    Why Does Hollywood Ignore White Slavery?
    2014 07 16
    The Los Angeles Times has congratulated Hollywood for congratulating itself for awarding the Best Picture Oscar to 12 Years a Slave. The gist of the article is that Tinseltown is finally taking “risks” and tackling “difficult subjects” such as black slavery. Why, it’s as if Roots, Django Unchained, Amistad, Lincoln, and Glory had never been made! It’s as if we ...
    Open migration agenda proves terrorism is a hoax
    2014 07 15
    As America continues to be overwhelmed by an obviously orchestrated mass intrusion of immigrants over its borders, the utter hypocrisy of increasingly stringent so-called “security measures” for the rest of the population paints a very clear picture. There is no terrorism threat to the United States. It’s bogus now and has been completely fraudulent from the get go. If there were such ...
    Scientists Baffled by Gigantic 262ft Hole that has Appeared at Siberia’s ‘End of The World’
    2014 07 15
    An urgent expedition will leaves tomorrow to probe a giant crater that has appeared in gas-rich northern Siberia. Extraordinary aerial images show a mysterious hole which experts say may be up to 262 feet wide, in the Yamal Peninsula of northern Russia. ’A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday,’ ...
    World Health Organization Admits it Fears Ebola Could Go Global
    2014 07 15
    Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone has seen its first case of Ebola. An Egyptian had traveled to Freetown from Kenema when he became ill and sought treatment. It is thought, but not as yet confirmed that he made the 190 mile trip on public transport. “The Ebola disease usually spreads to other places ...
    People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity
    2014 07 15
    People who say they are concerned about climate change use more electricity than those who say the issue is ’too far away to worry about’, government-commissioned study finds People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found. Those who say they are concerned about the prospect of climate change ...
    Yellowstone supervolcano ’turned the asphalt into soup’ shutting down Natl. Park’s roads
    2014 07 15
    Extreme heat from a massive supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park is melting a major roadway at the popular summertime tourist attraction. Park officials have closed the area to visitors. Firehole Lake Drive, a 3-mile-plus offshoot of the park’s Grand Loop that connects the Old Faithful geyser and the Madison Junction, is currently off limits. Park operators say the danger of stepping ...
    First Woman Charged Under Tennessee’s Controversial Drugs-During-Pregnancy Law
    2014 07 15
    [...]A woman in Tennessee last week became the first person to be charged under a controversial state law that can count illegal drug use during pregnancy as assault. 26-year-old Mallory Loyola was arrested July 8 and charged with misdemeanor assault after she and her newborn baby tested positive for meth, ABC News reports. Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens told a local ...
    More Puzzling Radio Bursts From Deep Space
    2014 07 15
    Astronomers have detected very fast bursts of radio waves coming from deep in outer space and they don’t know the source. Scientists initially detected the pulses at the Parkes Observatory in Australia, but the bursts were not confirmed by another radio telescope facility until now. A team at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico detected the pulse on November 2, 2012. Arecibo ...
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