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Morris Herman - New World Order Goals

Tom Sunic - Escalating State Oppression: NPI Conference Banned in Hungary

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Insight - Anchorman 2 Review & The Politics of Will Ferrell
July 17, 2014
Henrik and Lana analyze the propaganda found within the movie Anchorman 2. They’ll also examine the actor Will Ferrell, his double standards, and his Funny or Die posse that includes producer Judd Apatow and writer/producer Adam McKay. What is the purpose behind the progressive’s politically correct agenda pushed in Hollywood entertainment?


Neanderthals and Humans First Mated 50,000 Years Ago, DNA Reveals
The DNA from the 45,000-year-old bone of a man from Siberia is helping to pinpoint when modern humans and Neanderthals first interbred, researchers say. Read more » 

  • Elon Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’
  • Highest Stone Age Campsite Reveals Grit of First Americans
  • Sphinx Head Found in Mysterious Greek Tomb
  • ISIL terrorist leader is CIA agent: Chechen president
  • NATO Pushes Baltic Front: Canadian Jets Intercept Russian Plane and Sweden’s ‘Russian Sub Hoax’
  • U.S. Army: Ebola Goes Airborne Once Temperature Drops
  • Do Not Ban Kratom - Sign the petition
  • Obama Admin to Allow Thousands of Haitians into U.S. Without Visas
  • Richard Spencer’s Ski Club Smackdown of Randy Scheuenemann
  • Celery may help kill cancer
  • The entry of Ebola into the US has hallmarks of a planned happening
  • White Genocide in America, 1960 to 2060
  • Canada Shooter Media Hoax: FOX News says ‘It’s Terrorism, It’s ISIS’
  • Scientists: Humans are ’an infection’ and Ebola is Earth’s immune response to consume all the human ’meat’
  • TWO extinct volcanoes could blow in South America — Last erupted 160,000 yrs ago
  • ’The Hobbit’ turns 10: Find that rewrote human history
  • HPV Vaccine Linked to Nervous System Disorder and Autoimmunity
  • Scientists: Ebola Can Spread by Air in Cold Weather
  • What If Black America Were a Country?
  • The Ancient Practice of Sungazing
  • Norway Joins the Race to Develop Killer Robots
    2014 10 24
    Norway is a large exporter of weapons, which makes the resolution of the debate about creating killer robots an important issue for everyone.  One could debate the overall merits or failings of robotic systems, but an area that clearly has become a point for concern on all sides is the emergence of "killer robots." According to robotics pioneer, David Hanson, ...
    Gene That Once Aided Survival in the Arctic Found to Have Negative Impact on Health Today
    2014 10 23
    In individuals living in the Arctic, researchers have discovered a gene variant that arose thousands of years ago and most likely provided an evolutionary advantage for processing high-fat diets or for surviving in a cold environment; however, the variant also seems to increase the risk of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, and infant mortality in today’s northern populations. {snip} “Our work ...
    The Ebola hoax: questions, answers, and the false belief in the “One It”
    2014 10 23
    “The Reality Manufacturing Company doesn’t just sell ‘fake paintings’ that are easy to spot. No. They also sell images that are geared to mesh with people’s deeply held instincts and thereby produce rigid false beliefs. People are sure that if they gave up such beliefs, their world would fall apart and blow away in the wind.” ...
    New Controversial Theory Suggests "Hobbits" Were Not Human - Who Were These Mysterious Beings?
    2014 10 23
    The origin of the Hobbit species remains a challenging subject to scientists. The Hobbit’s discovery confirmed the view that the Earth was once populated by many species of human, but new research the Hobbit’s were not human at all! So, who were these mysterious beings? Where did they come from? The idea that our species, Homo sapiens, was the only species of human on ...
    Right into enemy hands? ISIS shows off new weapons allegedly airdropped by US (VIDEO)
    2014 10 23
    Islamic State has published a new video in which a jihadist shows off brand-new American hardware, which was purportedly intended for the Kurds they are fighting in the Syrian border town of Kobani. The undated video, posted by the unofficial IS mouthpiece “a3maq news”, sees a jihadist showing several boxes of munitions with English-language markings, with a parachute spread out on ...
    STAGED INFECTION: Has The Ebola ‘Outbreak’ Narrative Fallen Apart?
    2014 10 22
    Over the past month, the ‘pandemic’ propaganda surrounding the deadly Ebola virus seemed to reach vitriolic levels – raising serious questions about the validity of this current viral outbreak… On Monday of this week, it was reported that 48 people were released and cleared after a 21-day quarantine due to their contact with the now deceased Ebola-stricken patient Thomas Eric ...
    6,000-Year-Old Temple with Possible Sacrificial Altars Discovered
    2014 10 21
    A 6,000-year-old temple holding humanlike figurines and sacrificed animal remains has been discovered within a massive prehistoric settlement in Ukraine. Built before writing was invented, the temple is about 60 by 20 meters (197 by 66 feet) in size. It was a "two-story building made of wood and clay surrounded by a galleried courtyard," the upper floor divided into five ...
    What happened to Journalist Serena Shim? Assassinated? Find out what happened to Serena, Press TV director calls on Turkey
    2014 10 21
    Press TV news director Hamid Reza Emadi says the “suspicious death,” of the news channel’s correspondent in Turkey is a tragedy for “anyone who wants to get the truth.” Emadi made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday following Serena Shim’s death across the border from Syria’s Kurdish city of Kobani, where the ISIL terrorists and Kurdish fighters ...
    Scientists: The World Has Entered A Dramatic New Geological Age
    2014 10 21
    Scientists from around the world met this week to decide whether to call time on the Holocene epoch after 11,700 years and begin a new geological age called the Anthropocene - to reflect humankind’s deep impact on the planet. For decades, researchers have asked whether humanity’s impact on the Earth’s surface and atmosphere mean we have entered the Anthropocene - or ...
    Ancient Roman Nanotechnology Inspires Next-Generation Holograms for Information Storage
    2014 10 21
    The Lycurgus Cup, as it is known due to its depiction of a scene involving King Lycurgus of Thrace, is a 1,600-year-old jade green Roman chalice that changes colour depending on the direction of the light upon it. It baffled scientists ever since the glass chalice was acquired by the British Museum in the 1950s, as they could not work ...
    Rapid Geomagnetic Reversal Possibility: Confirmed
    2014 10 21
    From the video: "The scientists who conducted the study are still unsure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one likely reason is the Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip, said Rune Floberghagen, the ESA’s Swarm mission manager. In fact, the data suggest magnetic north is moving toward Siberia." Tune into Red Ice Radio: Ben Davidson - Suspicious0bservers: Space Weather ...
    Georgia Guide Stone 2014 cube stone removal
    2014 10 21
    From: Youtube: Was it all just a gag? it seems the cube stone just happens to be made out of the same Elberton granite that the rest of this morbid monument is made from.
    Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola In South Africa In The 1980s
    2014 10 21
    “No records are available to confirm that the biological agents were destroyed.” Operating out of South Africa during the Apartheid era in the early 1980’s, Dr. Wouter Basson launched a secret bioweapons project called Project Coast. The goal of the project was to develop biological and chemical agents that would either kill or sterilize the black population and assassinate political enemies. ...
    Controlling the American Mind: The Viral Liturgical Psychodrama
    2014 10 20
    In order to successfully navigate the raging sea of media shit storm, one must be ever-mindful of the overall designs of mass media without getting lost in endless details and rabbit trails that will be forgotten in a month. Remember Bowe Bergdahl? Remember how media was furiously researching his back story to make details match-up, all of which ended up ...
    People are merging with machines
    2014 10 20
    Ian Burkhart concentrated hard. A thick cable protruded from the crown of his shaven head. A sleeve sprouting wires enveloped his right arm. The 23 - year-old had been paralysed from the neck down since a diving accident four years ago. But, in June this year, in a crowded room in the Wexner Medical Centre at Ohio State University, Burkhart’s ...
    Illegal Aliens Cleared For U.S. Military Service
    2014 10 18
    The Pentagon announced a new policy allowing illegal immigrants the opportunity to enlist in the armed forces, Thursday. USA Today reports that the new recruitment policies will focus on people with "high-demand skills" like foreign language acumen and health care training: "For the first time, the program — known as Military Accessions in the National Interest, or MAVNI — will ...
    Bronze Age Sundial-Moondial Discovered in Russia
    2014 10 16
    A strange slab of rock discovered in Russia more than 20 years ago appears to be a combination sundial and moondial from the Bronze Age, a new study finds. The slab is marked with round divots arranged in a circle, and an astronomical analysis suggests that these markings coincide with heavenly events, including sunrises and moonrises. The sundial might be "evidence of ...
    Humans may only survive 68 days on Mars
    2014 10 15
    Space enthusiasts planning a move to Mars may have to wait to relocate: conditions on the Red Planet are such that humans would likely begin dying within 68 days, a new study says. Oxygen levels would start to deplete after about two months and scientists said new technologies are required before humans can permanently settle on Mars, according to the study ...
    Tom Sunic’s letter to the US Ambassador to Hungary
    2014 10 14
    October 11, 2014 Mr. André Goodfriend Chargé d’Affaires Embassy of the United States of America Szabadság tér 12 H-1054 Budapest Dear Mr. Goodfriend, As an American citizen I would hereby like to express my concern over the recent decision by the Hungarian government to ban the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference which had been scheduled to take place in Budapest from October 3 to October 5, 2014. ...
    "Vampire grave" found in Bulgaria
    2014 10 14
    A "vampire grave" containing a skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed by a man known as "Bulgaria’s Indiana Jones". Professor Nikolai Ovcharov – a crusading archaeologist who has dedicated his life to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilisations – said that he had made the discovery while excavating the ruins of Perperikon, an ancient Thracian city ...
    Ebola camps? Fox analyst calls for quarantine camps in every city
    2014 10 14
    Fox News, always ahead of the curve on panicking the general public into giving up all their rights, aired programming Monday during which an analyst openly called for quarantine camps to be set up all over the country to house those with Ebola like symptoms. Fox contributor and former actress Stacey Dash called for the federal government to establish emergency centers ...
    Metal detectorist finds Britain’s biggest ever haul of Viking treasure - with hundreds of artefacts including an ancient silver cross
    2014 10 13
    "One of the most significant Viking hoards ever discovered in Scotland" The largest haul of Viking treasure ever found in Britain has been unearthed by a metal detector enthusiast, it was revealed today. The discovery was found on Church of Scotland land after the detectorist painstakingly searched the unidentified area in Dumfries and Galloway for more than a year. The hoard, which consists ...
    The Left Is Viciously Pro-War
    2014 10 13
    Common wisdom would purport that those on the so-called “right” are and have always been hawkish and pro-war, while those on the proverbial “left” have always been the tree-hugging, peacenik, anti-war folks. For many conservatives, unfortunately, this is more or less correct. However, progressives have once again airbrushed their own past, which is about as anti-war as, well, war. Much of ...
    AWAREness Beyond Death?
    2014 10 13
    A critical care doctor and expert in the field of resuscitation, Sam Parnia has been fascinated with the question of what happens to consciousness at the moment of death since the time he lost a patient as a student doctor at the age of 22. Parnia’s joint fascination with resuscitation and the near-death experience (NDE) led him to establish the ...
    Germany: Pro-IS mob attacks Kurdish protesters with MACHETES and KNIVES
    2014 10 11
    Does Germany really need to import this kind of tribal warfare? At least four people were hospitalised with stab wounds in violent clashes that broke out in Hamburg late Tuesday, after around 40 supporters of the Islamic State (IS) armed with knives and machetes fought with hundreds of Kurdish protesters. Police wearing anti-riot armour deployed water cannons to quell the violence. The ...
    Wearable Technology for the Skin
    2014 10 11
    When it comes to the future of computing, there is one major known and a principal unknown. The known, with almost guaranteed certainty, is that the next era of computing will be wearables. The unknown, with commensurate guaranteed uncertainty, is what these wearables will be and where on your body they will live. Apple and Samsung, for example, are betting on the ...
    Nanoparticles in Tattoos May Cause Cancer
    2014 10 10
    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a tattoo and after reading this study I am glad I avoided them. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, or thought about it, chances are high that you weighed the artistic and social aspects of it far more than the health aspects. In fact, ...
    Comedy club charges per laugh with facial recognition
    2014 10 09
    A comedy club in Barcelona is experimenting with charging users per laugh, using facial-recognition technology to track how much they enjoyed the show. The software is installed on tablets attached to the back of each seat at the Teatreneu club. Each laugh is charged at 0.30 euros (23p) with a cap of 24 euros (£18). Takings are up so far. The project was ...
    Connecticut declared in state of ‘public health emergency,’ prepares for quarantine
    2014 10 09
    Governor Dannel Malloy has declared Connecticut to be in a state of public health emergency, enabling the indefinite suspension of certain civil rights. State bureaucrats have been granted the broad authority to forcibly detain suspected sick people without due process. The declaration came preemptively, as Connecticut has not yet seen a single case of the virus it purports to stop. The ...
    Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Could Wipe Out Humanty
    2014 10 09
    Tesla and SpaceX C.E.O. Elon Musk said he was worried that people didn’t understand how fast artificial intelligence was progressing, and expressed his concern that, in a worst-case scenario, a “super-intelligent” machine might decide to destroy human life. Musk was speaking to Walter Isaacson, the president and C.E.O. of the Aspen Institute, on stage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in ...
    Major Yoga Studio Forced to Cancel Costume Party After Claims of Racism - "offensive" to Asians
    2014 10 09
    A major yoga studio in Austin, Texas has been forced to cancel its annual anniversary Bollywood-themed costume party after some complained that the event was “offensive” to South Asians. In a mass email sent out to the studio’s clients, the owners explained how they were forced to cancel the event in order to satisfy, “some people who felt the theme of ...
    Go Back To Africa! 100’s of Israeli Jews Protest African Migration Chanting Racial Slurs Carrying ISIS Style Flags
    2014 10 09
    Video footage of Jewish Israelis with ISIS-style flags, chanting “niggers go home” at an anti-African rally in Tel Aviv on October 5 has surfaced. Hundreds of protesters could be heard in streets of Tel Aviv chanting anti-African racial slurs, following an Israeli High Court ruling to close down “Holot” detention facility within 90 days. Holot is essentially an internment camp ...
    Defying the Budapest Ban: The Rebel vs the Dissident
    2014 10 08
    Despite the ban by the Hungarian government, the NPI conference did take place in Budapest on October 5, albeit in a truncated version but with an air of rebellion and emotional intensity. A day earlier, despite the arrest of the NPI Chairman Mr. Richard Spencer, despite constant police surveillance of all NPI guests, and despite the fact that there were ...
    Life after death? Largest-ever study provides evidence that ’out of body’ and ’near-death’ experiences may be real
    2014 10 08
    There is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death, according to the largest ever medical study carried out on the subject. A team based in the UK has spent the last four years seeking out cardiac arrest patients to analyse their experiences, and found that almost 40 per cent of survivors described having some form of “awareness” at ...
    Another 1,300-Year-Old Village Discovered in Arizona
    2014 10 07
    Archaeologists have uncovered a second ancient village in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park that is 1,300 years old. Archaeologists surveying land acquired by Petrified Forest National Park have found traces of two ancient villages. The flags mark a site where pottery was found. The latest basket-maker village dates between 200 A.D. and 700 A.D., based on the types of pottery found, according ...
    ‘SNL’ Warns White People Won’t Be Calling the Shots for Long
    2014 10 07
    White people of the United States, get ready. Because your reign is coming to an end. The satirical Saturday Night Live segment aired Oct. 2nd with guest host Sarah Silverman, and prompts white people from all white walks of white life to come together to celebrate their last days of white racial dominance. {snip} Read the rest: Sarah Silverman I Hope Jews ...
    Billion-dollar lawsuits claim GMO corn ’destroyed’ US exports to China
    2014 10 07
    Three class-action lawsuits filed Friday claim that agribusiness power Syngenta is to blame for depressed corn exports to China since the seed company released a genetically-engineered variant of the crop before it was approved by Beijing. At issue is Syngenta’s 2009 release and distribution of its MIR162 genetically-modified corn known as Agrisure Viptera, which is engineered to fend off certain insects ...
    Ebola Vaccine is here! (new video)
    2014 10 06
    Joycamp: The Ebola Vaccine is here. Consult your doctor and get vaccinated today! Tune into Red Ice Radio: Jon Rappoport - CDC Fraud: Vaccine Autism Link & Ebola Joycamp: Benny Wills & Kevin Kostelnik - Taking Culture Back & Reversing the Spell of Entertainment Brainwashing
    Thor Heyerdahl: Celebrating 100 Years of Kon-Tiki
    2014 10 06
    The legendary Norwegian adventurer and voyager Thor Heyerdahl, famous for his breathtaking oceanic expeditions on hand-made boats, would have celebrated his one-hundred-year anniversary today. Born October 6, 1914 in a small town in Norway, Thor Heyerdahl fell in love with biology as a child, and later studied zoology and geography at the University of Oslo. In 1939-1940 Heyerdahl undertook several ethnographic ...
    Birth Tourism in America - 16 "maternity hotel" operating illegally in Los Angeles County
    2014 10 06
    The entrance to Pheasant Ridge apartments in Rowland Heights, a "maternity hotel" where Chinese women come to give birth in order to gain U.S. citizenship for their babies. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times) They are cited for illegally operating boardinghouses in residential zones, all in Rowland Heights or Hacienda Heights. Women from Asia give birth to U.S. citizen babies ...
    Troops To Iraq Syria Africa Gaza To Make People Lonely
    2014 10 06
    From Youtube: "... it’s what is supporting the West with all these wars. I recall Sweden when its currency was collapsing - it’s over night interest rate was like 100% if you had Swedish Krona. Just for one night you could earn 100% profit on it. Of course it was under attack by Zionist forces and now it’s a fully ...
    John Derbyshire On Hungary, France, And Britain: “Putinism,” Patriotism, And Populism
    2014 10 06
    Mixed news from across the pond for Dissident Right types. Hungary The big downer: the decision by the government of Hungary to ban Richard Spencer’s conference, scheduled for October 3rd-5th in Budapest. (In fact, on October 3, Richard was actually taken into custody by the Hungarian police—an atrocity that, as I write this on Saturday afternoon, does not yet seem to have made ...
    The Silencing of the NPI in Budapest
    2014 10 06
    From a correspondent: Richard B Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, was arrested in Budapest last night as Hungary’s government stepped up its attempts to disrupt a gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians. It is not known if he is still in custody or has been deported.It is the latest development in a blatantly naked series of co-ordinated repressive ...
    Sweden to become first EU country to officially recognize State of Palestine
    2014 10 03
    Sweden’s newly-formed center-left government is set to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, said Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. If Stockholm proceeds with the move it will be the first EU-member to officially endorse Palestinian statehood. A Palestinian flag and a Hamas flag (R) flutter atop the wreckage of a house, which witnesses said was destroyed during the seven-week Israeli offensive, in ...
    ASIO powers to spy over the entire internet pass the Senate
    2014 10 03
    Labor senators voted with government senators to defeat Greens and cross-bench attempts to limit ASIO’s new expansive powers to spy on all Australian internet users, as the legislation passed the Senate overnight. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) will soon be able to monitor every device on the internet, and copy, delete, or modify the data held on those computers with ...
    Farrakhan Claims Ebola Invented to Kill off Blacks
    2014 10 02
    Firebrand Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s latest racially-charged claim is that Ebola–the deadly disease ravaging parts of Africa and now diagnosed on American soil–was designed by white scientists specifically to kill off blacks. The 81-year-old leveled the charge in his organization’s newspaper, The Final Call, insisting the disease is man-made and cooked up in a laboratory as a means of ...
    Archaeologists In Turkey Say They’ve Discovered Dracula’s Dungeon
    2014 10 02
    Dracula might be a fictional character, but archaeologists believe they’ve found the haunts of Vlad the Impaler--the real-life figure who inspired Bram Stoker’s vampire tale. The researchers said this week they had uncovered a secret tunnel and two dungeons in Tokat Castle in northern Turkey, where Vlad the Impaler is believed to have been imprisoned in the mid-1400s. The discovery was ...
    Sense of smell ’may predict lifespan’
    2014 10 02
    Measuring people’s sense of smell in later life could help doctors predict how likely they are to be alive in five years’ time, a PLOS One study suggests. A survey of 3,000 adults found 39% with the poorest sense of smell were dead within five years - compared to just 10% who identified odours correctly. Scientists say the loss of smell sense ...
    Seven Points of Agreement Between Individuals
    2014 10 02
    In what follows, underlined words are my modifications to the original (cite given at the end) "Seven Points of Agreement Between Individuals" -- a binding contract entered into by individuals with other individuals so as to create a society within which individual sovereignty is upheld. These agreements are thought by the author of the book within which they appear to ...
    Ebola case in Dallas confirmed by CDC, first diagnosis in U.S.
    2014 10 01
    A patient at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case of the disease to be diagnosed in the United States, federal health officials announced Tuesday. The patient was in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which had announced a day earlier that the person’s symptoms and recent travel indicated a possible case of Ebola, the virus that ...
    If Someone Secretly Controlled What You Say, Would Anyone Notice?
    2014 10 01
    The subject enters a room in which a 12-year-old boy is seated. A 20-minute conversation ensues. The subject quizzes the boy about current events and other topics to get a sense of his intelligence and personality. But the boy is not what he appears to be. Unbeknownst to the subject, the boy is wearing a radio receiver in his ear, and ...
    Obama has had accurate intelligence about ISIS since BEFORE the 2012 election, says administration insider
    2014 10 01
    ‘President Barack Obama’s intelligence briefings have provided him with specific information since before he won re-election in 2012 about the growing threat of the terror group now known alternatively as ISIS and ISIL, an administration insider told MailOnline on Monday. ‘Unless someone very senior has been shredding the president’s daily briefings and telling him that the dog ate them, highly accurate ...
    Can holding a magnet against your head help defeat depression?
    2014 10 01
    Former GP Sue Mildred suffered from crippling depression and anxiety for 20 years. On two occasions it was so severe that she ended up in hospital, and for 15 years she was unable to work. Sue, 51, has tried antidepressants, talking therapies and, out of desperation, even ECT (electro-convulsive therapy), where an electric current is passed through the brain. This did ...
    Extremists to have Facebook and Twitter vetted by anti-terror police
    2014 09 30
    Theresa May to announce new Extremist Disruption Orders to strengthen counter-terrorism if the Tories win the next general election Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives. They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to “the functioning of democracy”, ...
    Scottish Independence: Protesters demand revote
    2014 09 30
    Pro-independence campaigners gathered outside the Scottish Parliament for the second day in a row, this time to demand a revote of the September 18 referendum. While yesterday’s “Rally For A Revote” saw the return of Saltires and Yes banners to Holyrood, it did not match the turnout for the “Voice Of The People” rally held on Saturday, when up 3000 people ...
    Water rationing hits California: limit of 50 gallons per person per day or face fines of $500
    2014 09 29
    Millions of Californians are about to be hit with strict water rationing -- daily "allocation" numbers that represent the maximum amount of water you’re allowed to use for any purpose. Households that exceed the allocation limit will face stiff fines of hundreds of dollars per violation. "In July, the State Water Resources Control Board passed stage one emergency regulations, giving powers ...
    Much of Earth’s Water is Older than the Sun
    2014 09 29
    Much of the water on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system likely predates the birth of the sun, a new study reports. The finding suggests that water is commonly incorporated into newly forming planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy and beyond, researchers said — good news for anyone hoping that Earth isn’t the only world to host life. “The implications of ...
    Did the Vikings Get a Bum Rap?
    2014 09 29
    A Yale historian wants us to rethink the terrible tales about the Norse. This illustration shows the stereotype of Viking marauders wreaking mayhem, even on clergy. The scene depicts the monastery at Clonmacnoise, Ireland. The Vikings gave no quarter when they stormed the city of Nantes, in what is now western France, in June 843—not even to the monks barricaded in the ...
    David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS
    2014 09 29
    David Cameron told the U.N. that "non-violent extremism" is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government’s disposal. He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS. If you thought Obama’s War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, ...
    The Famed Viking Solar Stone & The Uunartoq Disc Were Extraordinary Tools for Navigation
    2014 09 28
    From the Saga of King Olaf the Holy: King Olaf the HolyThe weather was thick and snowy as Sigurður had predicted. Then the king summoned Sigurður and Dagur (Rauðúlfur’s sons) to him. The king made people look out and they could nowhere see a clear sky. Then he asked Sigurður to tell where the sun was at that time. He ...
    NY Times: Europe’s Anti-Semitism Comes Out of the Shadows
    2014 09 28
    NY Times Whines about European "Anti-Semitism" In the wake of the conflict in Gaza, three communities became flash points of violence and began contending with hatred they thought was buried in the past. Read the NY Times hit piece on Europe here Below is a rebuttal from Mike King’s The Anti-New York Times at Strike up the violins and break out the barf ...
    How Decentralized Power, Not Democracy, Will Shape the 21st Century
    2014 09 28
    Last week, the world’s most globe-spanning empire until the mid-20th century let its fate be decided by 3.6 million voters in Scotland. While Great Britain narrowly salvaged its nominal unity, the episode offered an important reminder: The 21st century’s strongest political force is not democracy but devolution. Before the vote was cast, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his team were ...
    Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace
    2014 09 28
    A man fired from an Oklahoma food processing plant beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official, police said Friday. Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said police are waiting until Alton Nolen, 30, is conscious to arrest him in Thursday’s attack and have asked the FBI to help ...
    Why is the U.S. okay with Israel having nuclear weapons but not Iran?
    2014 09 27
    Iranian officials sometimes respond to accusations that Tehran is seeking a nuclear weapons capability by replying that, not only do they not want a bomb, they’d actually like to see a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East. Yes, this is surely in part a deflection, meant to shift attention away from concerns about Iran’s nuclear activities by not-so-subtly nodding to the one country ...
    Leonardo DiCaprio: Messenger of Peace or Sender of Mixed Messages?
    2014 09 26
    Hollywood saviours Between the private jet-setting and the luxury properties, DiCaprio has a bigger carbon footprint than most of the middle class blocks he sees while glancing out the window of a Gulfstream IV. Leonardo DiCaprio flew to New York this week to save the planet. The actor addressed world leaders on Tuesday during the Climate Summit at the United Nations. He was ...
    White students now a minority among U.S. first-graders, Census Bureau reports
    2014 09 26
    Earlier this year, The Oregonian broke the news that Latino students for the first time accounted for one of every four Oregon first-graders in fall 2013. Today the Census Bureau reports that, also for the first time last fall, students of color made up the majority of first-graders nationwide. Non-Hispanic white students made up 49 percent of first-graders, according to the new ...
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